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Academic Essay

If I was to go back to college, the first thing that I will do is to take an honest look at why I left home to join college. This first step is highly significant because it always serves as a reminder of why I decided to live everything to go back to school. Most people often join college with one aim of achieving high grades to assist them in getting better employment. At the initial stages, students often give their best, but as time moves, they tend to forget what made them live their homes. As for me, the purpose of leaving home to join college will always serve as a reminder of what I should do in school.

The second move will be to examine whether I have the right plans to achieve my career goals. Failure to plan is the beginning of failing in anything that an individual does, and to avoid making the same past mistakes, I will come up with proper plans to guide me towards achieving my career goals. Generally, I will set achievable standards and work hard toward achieving the set goals.

The third step would be to look for a mentor within my field of study to assist me work towards achieving my career goal. A mentor will expose me to the outside world and help me to put theory learned in class into practice. As a student, I realized, I did not do a lot of fieldwork studies and put most of the things learned in class into practice, and that is the reason why if given a second chance, I will not hesitate to change my learning approach to putting a lot of things learned in class into practice.

The next move will be to dedicate most of the time concentrating on my studies and, during my free time, participate in co-curriculum activities such as playing football, hockey, and going out for skating. There is no better way of spending leisure time than doing what makes one happy. I will utilize my college life, doing what makes me happy and motivated. Sometimes, it is important to enjoy life, and there is no better way of enjoying life other than doing what makes one happy.




















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There are different types of essay writing, but they all have the same purpose: to provide information or ideas to others. Some of the most common essays are research papers, argumentative essays, persuasive essays, and creative pieces. All these essays can be written using some basic guidelines that help you create desirable and effective content. When writing an academic essay, don’t include any irrelevant information in your introduction. It should only contain the necessary information about your topic for readers to understand what you will be talking about later on in your paper. You should ensure that every point you make in your paper is backed up with evidence from either text/quotes or research materials. When you hire our academic writing services, we will explain and demonstrate how to write an excellent paper.

What is an academic essay?

An academic essay is a term used to describe a piece of writing intended to be read and evaluated by other academics. An academic essay is an organized, written argument that adds to knowledge and understanding of a given topic. This format is used in most essays for academic papers and some other types of essays. The purpose of an academic essay is to share new insight on a given subject and contribute with evidence-based claims.

important features for academic essay you should look all the time

When it comes to writing an academic essay, you should keep certain key features in mind. The following are some of their tips for students to consider when they write an academic essay:

  1. Make your language easy to understand for your reader
  2. Keep your sentences short
  3. Include information that is relevant and that the reader needs to know about what you’re discussing
  4. Provide reasons that support your argument or opinion

To write a good essay, you should keep the following key features in mind:

  • The introduction should have a thesis or central idea stated explicitly, supporting the thesis.
  • The body of an argument must have a logical progression from one idea to another. In other words, the ideas should build on each other and provide evidence where needed.
  • The conclusion can summarize the main points made in the argument and summarize the point being proved by the writer.

Students looking for help with their academic essays often wonder if they are doing it right or not, which is why this article is here to help them.

types of academic essay you should know

There are four main types of academic essays you are likely to come across when still in school. They are:

  1. The argumentative essay is when you argue against an opposing viewpoint or make a case for one you support. You can then defend your position with evidence, examples, and explanations.
  2. The expository essay is when you write about something that has happened to you or somebody else. It usually includes personal experiences related to the topic and how it has changed their lives. 
  3. The descriptive essay, which involves writing about things in detail – people, places, objects – without providing any real information on what to do about them. 
  4. The narrative essay which combines elements of language and narrative writing with social. 

academic essay topic to consider when completing your paper

A good academic essay topic has a good research question that is well-known, and you will be able to find the sources to support your answer. When it comes to writing an academic essay, there are many topics that you can choose from. However, not all of them are good topics. While writing an academic essay, it is important to make sure that you choose topics that will help your reader understand the topic better.

Some of the topics for your academic essay include:

  • Conflicts in developing countries
  • The economic crisis in Greece
  • Why do societies believe in religion
  • Describe the person who had the biggest impact on your life
  • Why does teen suicide keep on rising?

correctly Formatting your academic essays

Proper formatting of your academic writing is a very crucial thing to consider. This can make your work look more professional and engaging. The first step is deciding what kind of paper you will be writing, which will help you decide on the appropriate format. A proper academic writing format makes the reader more understanding of your work. It also helps you maintain a clear focus on your message in the text. Some common formats for academic writing are MLA, APA, and Chicago styles; however, MLA is the most commonly used in academic writing.

good to start your essay with an outline

When it comes to writing, most people won’t start without having a clear idea of what they are writing. Outlines are the building blocks that will help you start your writing process. It is a list of all the points that your essay will cover but without any specific details. It comprises a thesis statement that acts as the focal point of your writing and sub-points that support your thesis. During the writing process, you should connect the two to showcase your abilities. Once done, the writer summarizes the essay by citing the key points.

conclude your essay now

An academic essay conclusion is an important part of any academic writing. The conclusions of academic essays help the reader understand what the writer has been trying to say throughout the work. You can use phrases such as:

  • In conclusion…
  • In conclusion, I think …..

In conclusion, it is safe to say that our society should rely more on online writers to enhance productivity and generate quality content. Under the conclusion, you present your conclusions, ideas, and thoughts on the essay’s thesis. It is your chance to summarize everything you’ve written. A conclusion can be long or short, depending on how you want it to read. However, make sure that the conclusion does not contradict or go against the essays already stated.

great it is now a winning essay following the above steps

Winning an essay means gaining a high grade and coming first in the race. This is not an easy task. But, with the help of these tips, you can be sure to get a good grade and write a winning essay every time. Writing an academic essay aims to make your opinion stand out by producing quality content that connects with the audience in some way or another. To write a winning academic essay, it is important to understand the topic and the style of writing required for this

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