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Article One: Corporate culture of South West Airlines

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Article One: Corporate culture of South West Airlines

  1. Herb Kener started Southwest Airlines back in 1971; however, over the years, the industry has adopted a different strategy that is unique in manner.
  2. The company has adopted an organizational culture in which they cay have learned to create concern, be respectful, and have the attitude of being caring in the organization. Each employee is hence then expected to continue with the same culture when dealing with the customers. Attitude created is that customers are the advantage at every given point.
  3. The perception that is created from the management of the company is that the customer is more valued than even the assets that the company has. The form of perception and communication that has been created tries to ensure that the values of all the employees and culture have been created in the airlines.

The values of South West Airlines are based on altruism, which focusses on showing the importance of people getting to care for each other. Concerning the organization’s behavior, I find the culture of the verbal and nonverbal message that is created to the employee and any individual who gets to indulge the company would have created the act of tolerance whose result is abusing the company itself. It is essential for every organization that wants to be successful, creating the culture of being concise with how it communicates and the actions that are needed to be followed for the organization to be successful. Consistency is one of the major reasons that has ensured that South West Airlines gets to remain relevant over the years.

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Article two: Whistleblowing in an Organization

  1. A whistleblower is viewed to be very mean in that in a situation where the company is innocent, and the individual may go forward in finding ways of incriminating the evidence. A whistleblower is hence not always acting fr the best interest of the company as more often, he does it to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  2. In a situation where there is a lawsuit, the prospect of the whistleblower being in the company are withheld as they are more often discouraged from taking any actions that entail making sufficient efforts and their time to make a follow up on the claims since they will be taken for granted as they are assumed to be less serious and have the notion of being viewed as having the wrong intentions.
  3. It is essential to ensure that at all times, employees get to ensure they have strong evidence and can create cases on a reasonable basis case where they can point out the wrong cultures, unethical behaviors. In a situation where the employees are found not to be ethical, then the case will be shut down by the authorities as the case provided is weak. It is hence important that employees get to abide by the organization’s ethics in that in a situation of litigation, they can easily defend their acts.
  4. The act of reporting an ethical behaviors by individuals assist the company I pointing out the wrongdoings that are being done in the right way. However, the act of whistleblowing was not well done it can create a situation where one can end up losing the job or get manipulated in a manner that will affect how one gets to perform in actions
  5. In a situation where one chooses to whistleblow, one may get the advantage of being able to relieve themselves from the act of fear and retaliation. Another advantage of whistleblowing is not limited to having the organization acting in the manner that is required but also it benefits the whistleblower financially in that, in a situation where the case was genuine enough, the

whistleblower gets a certain percentage of the legal fees which can accumulate to millions and change the life of the whistleblower

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