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Can you donate blood if you smoke weed?

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Can you donate blood if you smoke weed?

If you smoke weed, you can undoubtedly donate the blood; however, the process of giving the blood is complicated. There are certain conditions in which any blood donor should comply.

Blood donation is a noble cause for which everyone should come forward. The requirement for the blood transfusion is fulfilled with the blood donation. Many camps are organized to invite the volunteer to donate the blood to help the people in need of blood transfusion. However, the blood donor must be healthy and fit to donate the blood. There are specific eligibility criteria that determine if a person can donate the blood or not. So,

can you donate blood if you smoke weed?

Well, it is the most sought after question by people across the world who want to associate themselves with the noble cause but not sure about this. So, here we go on how can you donate blood if you smoke weed.

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Yes! You can be eligible to donate blood if you smoke weed, provided you blood should have very low to negligible cannabis levels. If you smoke light, the chances are relatively high that carboxylated and hydroxylated metabolites within five days. For heavy smokers, the blood vessels absorb the marijuana and excrete it from urine. Some people suggest donating blood after a day when you smoke to not to run into any problems.

Blood banks never accept blood, which is under any intoxication such as alcohol, marijuana, or cannabis. Hence while donating the blood, if the blood bank notices any influence in your behaviour indicating the use of marijuana or cannabis, you can be prohibited from donating the blood. American Red Cross and other blood banks made it clear that general cannabis does not prevent you from donating blood. But it is equally important that you should be sober with your body language while donating the blood.

There is not testing recommended by FDA for THC, and the legal or illegal use of marijuana cannot restrict an individual from donating the blood. Another critical point is, as all the received blood by blood banks is tested before using for the patients, donating blood does not guarantee that your blood will be used. In case, any intoxication or the influence of marijuana shall be found in your blood after donation. The blood bank can reject it.

So, if a person does not give any sign of using marijuana and gives the consent for blood donation in a sober way, there is no need to wait for a day or two to donate the blood. Before April 2018, there was a restriction imposed by the Canadian Blood Services to prohibit marijuana users from donating the blood within 12 hours of consumption. This restriction has now been called off.

In addition to red blood cells, the donors are also eligible to donate protein-rich liquid called plasma, which helps the blood to circulate through the body smoothly. Plasma is widely used to treat a range of disorders such as blood disorder, autoimmune, and neurological disorder.

The factors which deter a person from donating the blood other than smoking are:

  • If the person does not comply with the minimum age requirements
  • If the weight and height requirements are not fulfilled
  • If the person is not able to give consent due to under the influence of marijuana

What are the significant reasons for rejection by the blood camps for any donor?

Some of the common disqualification grounds are as follows:

  • If you have any history of narcotic abuse
  • If you have injected any illegal drug
  • If you are pregnant or a nursing mother
  • If you have travelled abroad recently

What are the aftermaths of blood donation?

Due to hypotension, you may feel dizzy or faint after the blood donation. Hence, you should drink lots of water and also sit or relax once you are one with blood donation. It is recommended not to undergo physical activities (especially if you are an athlete) as it may result in extreme injury.

How can the consumption of cannabis lead to severe consequences during blood donation?

Sometimes, the intake of cannabis leads to ‘white-out.’ In such a situation, the user loses his focus, body balance and even gets faint under extreme circumstances. And after donating the blood, you can face similar feelings due to the rapid drop of blood level in your body. So, it can be highly dangerous for the donor and should be avoided at any cost.

What are the general causes of disqualification for a blood donor?

The following are the possible causes of disqualifications for a blood donor:

  • If the donor is tested positive for HIV or Hepatitis B or C
  • Use of injections drugs such as steroids
  • Suffering from Ebola virus
  • Received a body piercing or Tatoo within one year from the blood donation
  • If the donor is sick or suffering from acute infection
  • Suffering from cancer, leukaemia or lymphoma
  • Had an organ transplant or blood transfusion last year


It is indicated by many blood donation centres that smoking weed cannot disqualify you as a blood donor. However, it is recommended to maintain a considerable time gap between your last smoke and blood donation to avoid the adverse outcomes of combining both the tasks.

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