Compare and Contrast Essay

This paper presents a compare-contrast essay that indicates the price people are willing to pay to fulfil their ambitions. It compares and contrasts the experiences the Annie John to that of her parents, concerning the sacrifices that both parties make and whether their choices were worthwhile or not. “My mother and father, I was leaving them forever, my home, I was leaving it forever” (Jamaica 2) these were the comments of Annie John after she realized that she was leaving her home. However, the sacrifice was just right since there was a high sense that if she stayed at home, then she would not have been free to do as she sees fit. In other words, she might have ended up taking the housewife role like her mother. Women should be free to make their own decisions, and so are men and gender stereotyping is not right. Thus, it was right for Annie to ignore her parent’s cultural ideologies to follow her ambitions in London.

When the day to leave comes, Annie grips her parents’ hands, and the love makes her feel like it was a mistake to go away home (Jamaica 41). However, she remembers she is not a child anymore, and she had to make up her mind as an adult. Therefore Annie leaves her parents and gets into the ship, which sets off moments later. From this scene, it is evident that the sacrifice Annie made to go away from home was worthwhile. In other words, she accepts that she is an adult who is capable of making her own decisions and choosing a preferable career path instead of staying home and waiting for marriage as her parents speculated. Parents are essential in their kids’ lives, but once they become of age, it is only right to let them make their own decisions instead of forcing them to follow old traditions and cultural beliefs.

Annie’s parents have been with her for seventeen years, and they are not happy that their daughter is leaving. When she is about to board the ship, her father kisses goodbye and tell her to be good. From that point onwards, he is overwhelmed with the emotions of seeing off Annie. As a result, he does not talk again. On the other hand, her mother hugs her so tight and starts crying out loud; similar Annie also starts to cry (Jamaica 41). The bond between Annie and her parents was so strong it was sad to depart. However, their sacrifice to let their daughter start a new life in London was worthwhile. To be more precise, Annie John felt like some of her parents’ cultural ideologies were absurd. For instance, her parents were ready to force her to marry someone she did not know. Marriage to a stranger was the worst thing that could happen to Annie. It was essential to go to England.

The sacrifice that Annie John and her parents made was significant for Annie.

It is normal that when people leave environments that they are used to, even if they do not like, good memories that they have concerning the place create a little sadness. Despite the fact her life could improve dramatically in England, Annie is not happy about moving to England, and this is evident by the style in which she grabs her parents’ hands in fears of what the future holds. Keep in mind that this is the first time she is getting away from her parents and starting a new life alone. Therefore, it begs the question of whether Annie will succeed or not or it will have the drive for success. However, she reminds herself of the challenges she experienced at home and leaves for London. The sacrifice that Annie John and her parents made was significant for Annie.


Work cited

Jamaica, Kincaid. A Walk to the Jetty, 1984.

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Compare and contrast essays are academic and professional papers in which learners analyze two or more subjects while comparing and contrasting. Comparing subjects means exploring similarities between the subjects while contrasting means looking at differences between the subjects. Normally comparison of subjects is in the same category, although they have their differences. For example, it can be two universities, two countries, two cars, etc.

            Excellent compare and contrast essays mainly focus on a central point, explain the essentiality and implication of compare and contrast analysis. A compare and contrast paper thesis must make a significant comparison. You can find the fundamental theme of your paper and brainstorm your thesis.

            Compare and contrast essay is a very common assignment among college and university students. Professor analyzes and evaluates students’ analytical and comparative skills by paying close attention to the subject under comparison. Compare and contrast paper is meant to exercise observance and analysis, helping students establish a frame of reference and make meaningful arguments about the subject under question.


When choosing a topic for your compare and contrast essay, remember that concepts cannot be drastically divergent because there would be little to no point in contrasting {differences}. The same case applies to too many differences, which results in poor comparisons. For example, it would be better to write about two learners rather than a student and learner.

It is essential to select and choose a topic you are passionate about If you never want to write something that seems dull and uninspiring for you. The following are some excellent ways to brainstorm for a topic:

            Find categories: Choose the type of topic [like politics, economics, animals, or films] and compare subjects within that category- farm animals to wild animals, Star trek to star wars, Public institution to private institutions, etc.

            Random surprising fact: 

Look for the fun facts which could make excellent topics. Did you know that lizards can be traced back to dinosaurs?

            Books vs. movie: Most of the time, the book is better than watching a movie- unless it’s vampire diaries or ring of death. If you jazz culture lover, compare movies and books, comics, or video games.


Brainstorm similarities and differences.Once you have settled on your topic, you should highlight similarities and differences in two columns in the first activity. Write down key things first, the most leading ones. Then you can try to look at the subject matter from a different perspective and try to incorporate your imagination.

            If you embrace visual learning, then creating a Venn diagram might be a brilliant idea. To create a diagram, draw two circles overlapping each other. Note similarities in the section where you diagram overlaps, and also write down the differences in the respective area where they don’t overlap. Venn diagram helps to organize similarities and differences and make them easier to perceive. Venn diagram will give you a clear idea of things you can address.

Another good idea for brainstorm when preparing a comparison contrast essay is creating a list with 2 columns, one for each subject, and comparing similar characteristics for each subject simultaneously. Using the column method makes comparison contrast essay arguments and ideas coherent and clear.

            One common mistake you should avoid is listing all differences or similarities for each subject. Often students are caught up by time looking for similarities and differences that compare and contrast essays, and it may end up sounding like grocery lists. Compare and contrast essays are meant to analyze the similarities and differences, analyze conclusions about two subjects, and find the relation between the two subjects while adhering to a specific writing format.


Compare and contrast essays rely a lot on factual analysis. Two essential outline methods help organize your essay facts: Use the block method or point-by-point method; these methods are helpful when comparing and contrasting subjects.

            Block structure: While using the block structure, all information of the first subject is explained in detail: characteristics and specific details. After addressing everything about the first subject, conclude the first block. The second block of your essay takes the same approach as the first for the second subject under study.

            Point by point structure: When using point by point structure, you should list similarities and differences simultaneously- to make notes of both subjects. For instance, you can list specific characteristics for one subject and its similarity or difference to the other subject.

            Every format has its pros and cons. The point-by-point format requires writers to analyze the points by themselves while making similarities and differences more understandable. The block method is easier to write as the writer points out all information about two subjects, leaving the reader to compare. Look at this detailed structure of each type presented here below.

  • .Introduce your topic
  • .Specify your theme
  • .Craft your thesis

            Example of thesis:

            Taxes and motorcycles make transportation means excellent; however, a good choice depends on finances, personal lifestyle, and city.

            Body Paragraph One

            Topic sentence: motorcycles are cheaper and easier to get hired than cars.

            Aspect1: Lifestyle

Argument: Motorcycles are smaller and easy to store.

Argument: Motorcycles are easy to learn to drive and use

Aspect 2: Finances

Argument: You can purchase a good motorcycle for under 350$

Argument: Motorcycles work great in a city in New York, where all streets narrow.


Topic sentence: Taxes are more expensive but more comfortable for a big city and traveling.

Aspect 1:

Argument: taxes are big to deal with- like a second resident home

Argument: It takes time to learn and become a good taxi driver.

Aspect 2– Finances

Argument: Taxi Parts and services are expensive in incase of perjure

Argument: With a taxi, traveling outside the city is much more comfortable


Argument: Big cities are secure and more comfortable to explore by taxi.

Argument: With Taxi, navigating outside the city is much comfortable.


            Body paragraph THREE

            Use your last paragraph to evaluate the comparisons and explain why your comparisons are essential. Giving many facts can be powerful; to simplify your work, try to give the reader a related real-life application of the facts.

Point by Point format

  • .Introduce your topic
  • .Specify your theme
  • .Craft your thesis
  • Example of thesis

Taxes and motorcycles make transportation means excellent; however, a good choice depends on finances, personal lifestyle, and the city they reside in.

Body Paragraph ONE

Topic sentence1; motorcycles are cheaper and easier to hire than taxis.

            Topic 1;  Motorcycles.

            Argument: Motorcycles are smaller ad easier to maintain and store.

            Argument: Motorcycles are easy to learn how to to use.

            Body paragraph 2-Finances

            Topic sentence: Taxis are much more expensive than motorcycles

            Topic1: Motorcycles

            Argument; you can purchase a good motorcycle for less than 350$

            Argument; Taxis spare parts are hard to access and repair TaxiTaxi in case of perjure.

            Topic 2– Taxis

            Argument: Parts and services are expensive in case of perjure.

            Argument:  Taxis need more energy than motorcycles.

            BODY PARAGRAPH 3 –CITY

            Topic sentence; Taxi is a better transportation option for the bigger cities with wide roads.

            Topic 1; Motorcycles

            Argument; Riding motorcycles in the big cities is more of a danger than driving a car.

Argument: Motorcycles do great in a city like New York, where all streets are narrow

            Topic2– Taxis

            Argument:  Bigger cities are easier and comfortable to navigate with TaxiTaxi.

            Argument: With a taxi, exploring outside the city is much easier.

            Use your last paragraph to evaluate the comparisons and explain why your comparisons are essential. Giving many facts can be powerful; to simplify your work, try to give the reader a related real-life application of the facts.



            Depending on the choice of your structure, now you can create an outline for your essay. The normal structure of an essay follows the introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Remember to focus on each subject in detail, and feel free to include an extra paragraph to address the most important points.

            Ensure compare and contrast essays have a coherent and clear flow of ideas. We advise learners to use special transitioning words and phrases when writing compare and contrast essays. Special transitioning words will add special glamour to your general essay ideas.

While comparing two subjects, you can use words like similarly, alike likewise, similar to, both, just like, similar to, compared to, or alike. When contrasting two subject use; in comparison, on the other hand, by comparison, while, on the other hand, whereas, unlike, but, to differ from or to differ from to mention a few.


An argument for all essays, compare and contrast essays, need sufficient evidence to prove your arguments. Make good use of scholarly articles, magazines, newspapers, movies, personal experiences, movies, or material that will make your argument sound credible. For example, if you were comparing a casual relationship and a situation relationship, you could include personal experience of being a victim and how often lovers behave in such circumstances. You could also talk about your experience in a situation relationship, which makes your argument about situation relation credible.


One of the greatest tips to gain the right attitude when writing a compare and contrast essay is actively engaging the reader in the discussion. Find what captivates the reader’s interest. The following are essential compare and contrast essay tips that will help you in polishing your essay.

            Compare and contrast essays require powerful and coherent transitions: Try to learn to use effective transition sentences using the diction and words provided for you in the structure and outline section of your essay.

            Always clarify the concept you introduce in the essay: Always make sure you explain unknown information. Don’t assume the readers understand your concept.

            Remember to proofread your work:  Grammatical errors, spelling errors, formatting errors, and other errors result in low grades. Pay special attention to grammar and punctuation.

Have a trusted friend or learned person look at your essay; they may assist you in noticing things you have missed in your essay.

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