Descriptive Essay

I am a MacBook Pro fifteen-inch laptop model of 2016. I am a product of Apple Company United States. I have been around for close to four yeas no since my manufacture. As for the XXXX family, I have been with them for close to one and a half years now. I pack descent storage of 512 Gigabytes. With an onboard memory space of about sixteen gigabytes out of the twenty-two gigabytes allocated for running software application on my user interface or the screen. My internal processing speed is approximately three gigahertz, with a two gigabyte Radeon pro 455 graphics card that switches alternates with the inbuilt high definition Intel graphics card. Depending on the workload that I have to endure, my display capability is expandable to a limit similar to that of a 460 Radeon graphics pro adaptor of four gigabytes in memory size.

Additionally, I come with an inbuilt backlit keyboard to ease working even in the dark in the event there is no electricity. My battery power upon full charge lasts up to ten hours of use and a hypothetical thirty-day limit in case I was to be on standby, which has never happened since my purchase, by the XXXX family. Upon purchase, I came accompanied by a two-meter charge cable and an eighty-seven-watt capability power adapter, which were both type C cable designs. I also came with a three-year repair and replacement warranty in the event I underwent any damage, which I am glad I have not experienced at all so far.

I am quite delicate; if I were to fall, I would sustain extensive damage. As such, XXXX takes real good care of me. I was privileged to get a laptop cover and a sticky waterproof film to cover my keyboard; this has limited the amount of dust the gets into my motherboard. My sitting position is always dependent on three things, what I am used for at the time, where we are going, and who is using me at the time. When I am not in use, most of the time, I am positioned at a reading desk near the window under a lampstand in XXXX’S room. However, sometimes, during family movie night, I am carried to the sitting room and connected to the TV using an HDMI cable. The purpose of this is to display a documentary or movie through the enormous seventy inches Samsung smart TV mounted over the fireplace that never goes on. During family trips or school visits, I am located in XXXX’S backpack. The bag is quite comfortable as it’s padded. My interaction with the XXXX’S family is mostly with her permission. No one gets to use me without prior notice. The rules are so stringent because all xxx’s documents, school work, and personal work are stored in my memory. In the event I was to suffer a computer virus attack, XXXX’ could quickly lose all this data.

My everyday routine is quite intriguing. I am always in use except when I am on the move. The only time I am on standby is either when everyone is asleep or when everyone has breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in-between preparations to start the day.  As far as our relationship with XXXX goes, it is quite good. XXXX uses me mostly for school work. However, sometimes, I am used to listening to music, podcasts, documentaries, or movies. Over the holidays, I become almost insignificant to xxx unless when I am connected to a laptop and used to make online purchases. Many other times during the holiday, XXXX prefers to be on the phone, either texting, calling, or even listening to podcasts and music. During this time, I often spend my time with XXXX’S younger brother.

Our relationship with him is also good. It is more often than not a symbiotic relationship. He takes time to make upgrades to my software and from time to time, gets me some nice hardware upgrades. Recently, he got me an excellent wireless mouse; this has eased the traffic on my trackpad, that’s a relief. My trackpad was already beginning to wear out. In return, he mostly uses me to play computer games. I would even say he is the one who gets to maximize the use of my inbuilt Radeon graphics adaptor. Having a friendly user-interface allows him even at a young age to efficiently navigate my applications. Through the constant interaction with my gaming software and applications, he has begun a naughty habit. He hides his game applications in my rather distinct icons that no one would expect. He does this to avoid having them deleted by XXXX, making him have to download and install the games over and over again.

My set for deciphering meaning is based on an inbuilt system that interprets meaning from the date that has been keyed into my system. It works like a human brain, processing what is heard, seen, and felt. In my case, I process what is keyed into my system the keyboard, mouse, and light pen. I also handle and display scanned data from the scanner that sits adjacent to my sitting position in XXXX’S room. Sometimes, though not frequently, XXXX transfers data from her phone through a phone USB cable into my storage memory for safekeeping. I also double in the processing of instructions keyed into my system, like an order to print a document. The process is simple, I process commands, and just like brain signals in the human body, I send electronic messages to the three in one printer-scanner-copier that sits next to me on the reading table.

In conclusion, despite our excellent relationship with XXXX, I cannot do anything on my own. I only process commands input by XXXX or whoever is using me at the time. Moreover, despite being very light and portable, I cannot put myself into a bag, XXXX has to do it. As such, our relationship with XXXX, the family, and anyone using me at the time is purely co-dependent. I mean, you carry, charge, and feed commands into my system, and I give back display of type or scan or print out of the document you need.

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What is a Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive essays are typically written to describe an object, process, or event in detail. They usually contain vivid descriptions & metaphors to help readers better understand the person or thing being described.

            Descriptive writing is great for adding flavor to your work. It can also help you develop your customer’s five senses, so they’ll enjoy reading it. But always writing using your customer’s senses will be important for engaging them, drawing them in, and keeping them on track with what you’re doing.

            When writing descriptive essays, your goal is to paint a comprehensive picture for the reader by appealing to all five senses. The essay should also have a purpose. Your story doesn’t have to be a long one, just a brief one that includes a new lesson you learned. It can be anything from experience with an object to a simple thought you had. All of this is about making your bright ideas come alive and put them down on paper.

Difference between a Descriptive and a Description Essay

When writing this type of essay, you should know that these two essays have different structures. A description consists of just a paragraph or several paragraphs with no particular structure, while a descriptive essay has five to more paragraphs with a specific structure. When writing a descriptive essay, it’s important to understand the structure of a typical one. You should have three body paragraphs, with a thesis statement at the beginning of your introduction and a conclusion being the last line of your paper. Its purpose is to describe an object or something else without any additional academic layers.

The Issues that can address in a descriptive essay

 A person. In a descriptive essay, you can talk about a person who influenced your life, ranging from writing about their physical appearance to more complex descriptions like your chosen individual’s actions, behaviors, mood, and qualities. You might decide to write about simply how they look or how they act!

  •        A place. Spending more time on the description of the subject makes it more interesting for the reader. Each person can feel differently about beautiful, amazing places – perhaps your reader will enjoy your descriptions of New York or Rome.
  •        An event. Describe the story of an experience you had. Your last vacation, a concert you attended, a wedding or any other special family member passed away, graduation day, the first night your child was born.
  •       An animal. One of the most common types of animal description is describing the animal’s appearance. That means telling readers what it looks like, including describing any features that help identify them. It can also include behavior or biology, but these aren’t always required
  •       An occupation. A job or occupation is something that requires focus on various tasks, responsibilities, and tasks.
  •        A behavior. Expressing someone’s behaviors can be tricky. You want to provide general facts about their most common traits (like ‘friend’ or ‘under different conditions’) without coming across like they do at any given moment.

Two Classic Approaches to the Descriptive Essay

  1. Personal Essay

            For this writing exercise, you’re looking to describe an experience based on your responses. Try to capture some of the feelings you experienced while participating in the activity and greatly impact individuals. Remember, your goal is to cover as much as possible in a personal essay, so you should go into depth. It’s always good to avoid vague or disorganized content. You might want to include some vivid language on its own

1. Personal Essay

            For this writing exercise, you’re looking to describe an experience based on your responses. Try to capture some of the feelings you experienced while participating in the activity and greatly impact individuals. Remember, your goal is to cover as much as possible in a personal essay, so you should go into depth. It’s always good to avoid vague or disorganized content. You might want to include some vivid language on its own

            Here are a few examples of personal essay topics might be:

·           Describing swimming experience in the azure sea when summer is upon us

· This question focuses on how much a specific movie impacted you, which is difficult to explain in detail

· Reflecting on your remarkable events in your life like your birthday and all the things that have shaped you in the past

            2. Formal Description:  writing a formal description essay is similar to writing an argument essay. Your main goal should be to communicate a set of key points or describe something in depth—according to a clear structure. You need to use specific categories of information- things like your experience, examples, and statistics. Doing so will provide the fullest possible portrait of what you are describing. The writer can make a piece more engaging in several ways. One is to engage the reader’s curiosity, which is not dull but formal. It could be engaging in writing style or arguments about the subject

            Topics for formal descriptions can include:

· Formal essays explore climate change, politics, or historical events.

· A news story that summarizes an event or information about the place where it occurred.

            Descriptive Essay Topics & Ideas

            There are many ways to find good topics for essays, but some of the most popular include things you would typically cover. For example, you can describe your favorite car or giving a rundown of today’s forecast. Hopefully, these ideas can help spark your imagination & lead to an entertaining essay!

            Describe a Person

It is normally hard to write about someone you are unfamiliar with but begins by choosing someone you know well. Doing so will give you a lot of cool experiences to share with the audience! With so much information about celebrities being publicized, it can be hard to find new topics. Some fictional characters have been the subject of many character studies from different academic and non-academic perspectives over the years.

            Describe an Object or a Place

Describing your favorite places, objects, or other things can help to clarify your thoughts. It’s also a nice way to show off the place you’ve grown close to over the years.

            Describe an Emotion

            One way to create a descriptive essay is by choosing a strong feeling to write about, such as anger, happiness, loss, desire, or rage. It doesn’t have to be tied to personal emotions. Other feelings that come into mind could include compassion or contentment.


            Examples: People aspiring to write a descriptive essay need to know the five senses that humans have. They include sight, touch, taste, smell, and hear. You can add other senses for different categories of writing.

Creating a Descriptive Essay Outline

Be sure to think about an outline when thinking about descriptive essay writing. It will help you organize your thoughts better and lead the way for a more fluid process.

            A descriptive essay outline entails the following:

  1. An introductory Paragraph
    1. Hook sentence
    2. Context/Background information
    3. Thesis statement
  2. Body paragraphs
    1. Topic sentence
    2. Sensory details
    3. Actual details
  3. A conclusion
  4. Summary of all main points
  5. Clincher Statement

            Have you considered how much time & effort it will take to incorporate this? If so, you’re ready to finish the essay.


            You’ll need to give brief and interesting context for your subject; make sure your introduction also does this to its audience. When you talk about the opening of an essay, remember that everything in there sets the tone for the rest of it. First impressions are important.           Your first paragraph can make or break your essay.

            As with any academic paper, a descriptive essay introduction must contain the following points:

  • Hook Sentence: Whether you’re writing a descriptive paper or an article with a few hundred words, the opening sentence plays a hugely important role in grabbing the reader’s attention at the start.
  • Context/Background Information: The main point of my paper is to show that there are solutions for the limitations of the current JavaScript frameworks and demonstrate how to overcome those limitations.
  • Thesis Statement: A descriptive essay thesis is a short, concise explanation of the work. It should include the work’s topic and the writer’s purpose for describing and writing an essay.

            Check out the examples below for further information on how to write a thesis for a descriptive essay.

            Place. There is a beautiful palace in London which is the property of the British monarchy and serves to remind us who was in power in that era. It’s no longer used for its original purpose, although it still stands today and inspiringly so. “Spider-Man’s defining characteristics are his youthfulness, New York City, and his unique ability to speak both out loud and to others inside of his head.” A piece about a personal experience about fear: “For many reasons, the dark caves is my greatest night, though not a fear which I would like to venture into.”


            Body Paragraph(s)

When writing your paper, the number of paragraphs you choose to include in each section can vary according to what you’re trying to achieve and how much space is available. Remember that less is more when it comes to this type of essay, and ensure that your main point receives adequate attention.

            How to write a body paragraph:

  • Start with a topic sentence. example: The orange is a fruit that has a color and name that both match perfectly.
  • Add sensory details. This orange is a bit more on the sour side.
  • Include actual details. It is essential to include descriptive information to create immersion in your writing. Sentences like “next” help transition from one paragraph to the next and improve the quality of your writing.


            In a paper, it’s important to be able to summarize the main points. A good place to start is your conclusion, which should tie up all of the themes that have been introduced throughout your paper. It’s helpful to end with a sentence that ties into the main point of your essay. We recommend writers proofread their descriptive essays to correct any grammatical errors.

            Try to entail ail the following into your conclusion:

  • It’s helpful to reflect on the initial purpose of writing
  • Signify the essentiality of the essay details: examine key moments of your essay then provide a summary of what you have covered in your paper, and prepare the readers for the final statement
  • Clincher Statement: To hook your audience, you want a sentence or two that leaves them on the edge of their seats. Don’t let people think about those ideas right after they’ve finished reading your paper.

Writing and Reviewing Your Descriptive Paper Writing

Writing descriptive paper consists of the following stages:

  • Prewriting stage. The prewriting section needs to be done before doing anything else. You need to start this process by identifying your topic, narrowing it down, and finding relevant sources. Once you have the sources, you can decide how much to use from each one
  • Writing the beginning. Your paper should start with an interesting hook that will keep the reader entertained. Make sure it isn’t too similar to other entries and avoid common literary platitudes.
  • Crafting the first draft of your descriptive essay. Here, it would help if you wrote down any ideas that come to mind. You can sort them later by organizing them into categories
  • Adding details to your paper by using non-native English vocabulary. You can use online dictionaries to add missing words that will help you create more descriptive sentences during your essay, like feeling or touch.
  • Revising and editing the paper, it’s easy to access different grammar checking tools online, and there are lots of them out there!

            After you finish developing and writing your essay, take a break. It’s always best to refresh your mind before editing your paper. That requires reviewing your paper, so this is where the final step comes into play.

When writing a descriptive essay, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What does “context” mean in the context of the paper?
  • Is the paper easy to read?
  • Does this thesis relate to what you’re trying to say in your paper??
  • The paper features detailed, descriptive language.
  • The last sentence of this sentence leaves a lasting impact on the reader.?
  • Does each section of your essay focus on one aspect of your description?
  • Are the details enough to make it possible for your readers to obtain a full and vivid perception of your essay description?


  • Does your essay paper possess any unnecessary details in your essay description that can be replaced by more meaningful information or thrown away?
  • Generally, if you were the reader of the paper, does this article make sense to you?
  • Are there any errors like grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and spelling errors?

Sometimes web applications like grammar or the Hemingway app can help you sort your grammar. However, it’s always best to master grammar rules yourself and become the best writer you can be. Once you’re convinced to have your final essay draft, then read it out loud, or else you can give it to an honest friend to read for you. The written article needs some constructive criticism to tie up loose ends in your writing.

Descriptive Essay Good Examples

A descriptive essay is normally assigned and the most opted-for form of an essay in the learning institution. Have a look at the following written descriptive essay samples. In this part here below, you can find some of the top examples and quotes, followed by some critiques.

Example one: Artifacts, Features, and Ecofacts of The 20th Century

The writer of this essay explains how there was a lot of life before human beings came into existence. In the 20th century, the world was full of Blue Jays and North Cardinal birds that probably lived on pansy grains as their staple diet. In this essay, it is clear that the writers have put themselves in people’s perspectives far from the future. The writer describes how it was in the 20th century and how we used the poles as communication means.

Example two: What It Is Like to Play Basketball

In the eyes of the untrained, a basketball game is just a bunch of huge, senseless players challenging one another, struggling to move the ball distance by distance over the field full of players towards the goal post of the opponent team. Normally, Players don’t put on pads or get a timeout in the event of injuries. Yet Basketball is a different game, a gentleman’s sport—to those who understand Basketball. While Basketball may appear hard, its players maintain good respect toward both teammates and opponents.

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