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Essay Outline Help

Essays are one of the most common assignments that are given in school or college. They are just like any other assignment, but they require a lot more conceptualization and preparation. An essay is an opinion essay that discusses a particular issue, problem, or situation. Here is how to write an essay in 5 steps:

1) Develop the thesis statement

2) Develop an outline to organize ideas

3) Find reliable sources for research

4) Write the introduction paragraph

5) Write the body paragraphs

What is an Essay Outline?

An essay outline is the backbone of your paper. A solid outline will make sure your ideas are organized and easy to follow, but it can also help you think through the different points you want to make. Outlines can be done both before and after writing. They may be more structured or less structured depending on the needs of the author.

The following steps will help you create a good outline.

Step One: Brainstorm main points

Step Two: Write your thesis statement

Step Three: Write supporting points for each topic

Step Four: Fill in any missing pieces of information

Step Five: Proofread

How to Write an Essay Outline

Are you in need of essay help? We at are ready to help you. The key to writing a great essay is preparation. Before you start writing, make sure that you have taken the time to plan out what your essay is going to be about. It’s all too easy when working on something fast-paced like an essay assignment to get ahead of yourself and forget the basic steps in writing one. Step back for a moment, breathe deeply, and remind yourself that by taking a bit of time now, you will save loads of time later on when it comes time to edit your work. An outline is a useful tool to help you organize your thoughts. You may create an outline before or during the writing process, or both. Some thinkers believe that outlining is the best way to ensure that your essay has a clear, concise argument. Others find that outlines limit their creativity and do not produce quality work. Regardless of your opinion on whether outlining is necessary, it can be very helpful in the following ways:

1) Outlining can help you develop your argument and clarify your thoughts about where you want to take it. 2) If you are having trouble finding sources for information on a given topic, an outline can help you brainstorm different approaches for researching it. 3) Outlines give structure to essays by guiding writers through the intricacies of their arguments without limiting their creativity

Essay Outline Format

1) Introduction 2) Body 3) Conclusion


The introduction paragraph is the most important part of an essay. It should have a hook, a thesis statement, and an overview of the points that will be discussed.  A thesis statement is the main idea that you want to convey in your essay. The thesis statement should be a sentence or two that sum up what you are going to talk about in your paper. Your thesis statement should be a clear, straightforward expression of your position on a given topic.

Thesis Statement: Humans have been taking for granted the natural environment .

In the past, humans have been destroying this natural environment without realizing it. Today, we are slowly starting to realize how important it is to preserve the natural environment and not pollute it any more than we already have.

The body paragraphs

The body paragraphs are the part of the essay that builds on the thesis statement in order to generate a comprehensive argument. It is usually followed by evidence in order to support the argument. This section should be dealt with one paragraph per topic. The body paragraphs are where examples are given to support the points made.


The conclusion should summarize all of the points that were made in the essay. A conclusion gives a summary of what has been said in the body of an essay. In most cases, a conclusion will summarize the points that have been made in the essay and provide some insight into what they mean. In some cases, it will restate an argument or debate with opposing viewpoints. An effective conclusion should have two qualities: it should summaries the key points of the essay and it should provide a sense of closure to those points.


Essay Outline Template

It is always advisable to have an outline of your paper before you start writing it. The outline will clearly state the main points and sub-points that you want to cover in your essay. Every essay should have an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The introduction includes the topic sentence, which highlights what the essay is about. It also includes the thesis statement, which sums up what you will be arguing in your paper. From there, each paragraph should be dedicated to providing evidence for one of the three main points that you are making in your essay. The conclusion ties everything together by restating the thesis statement and summarizing what has been said in the paper (Vogler).

There are also some other elements that make for a well-written paper, such as

  1. Introduction:
  2. Thesis Statement:
  3. Background:
  4. Expected outcomes:
  5. Methodology and Procedures:
  6. Limitations and Implications: II. Body: A1-A2-A3-… III Conclusion: A1-A2-A3-…

Persuasive Essay Outline Example

The persuasive essay outline example is one of the most common types of essay. This outline will guide you through the steps on how to create a persuasive essay, including what to include in your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

1) Introduction

– Hook: A hook can be anything that will get the attention of the reader. Consider using a personal experience or anecdote that relates to your topic. You can also start by asking a question that sparks interest or reveals your opinion on something controversial.

This is where you introduce what you are going to talk about in this paper and how it affects the reader personally with an example or an anecdote.

Be sure to use specific details so they feel like they are actually experiencing it with you.

This should be at least two sentences

Consider the following example for Persuasive Essay Outline


Narrative Essay Outline Example

A narrative essay is an essay in which the author tells a story. They are often written in first-person point of view, but they can also be written in third person limited point of view or omniscient. Narrative essays are typically told in chronological order, and very rarely jump around to different times, places, or events. There is no right way to write a narrative essay outline. However, there are certain things that you should include in your outline to write a good narrative essay. The narrative essay should start with an introductory paragraph that establishes the setting and gives the reader some background information about the story that will be told. The introductory paragraph should also set up what it is going to be about and what will happen next in this story.

For narrative essays, outlines like this one will work well:


Expository Essay Outline Example

This is a guide to help you create an expository essay outline.

  1. Thesis/Introduction
  2. Background Information

III. Basic Arguments

  1. Evidence
  2. Rebuttal (optional)
  3. Conclusion/Summary of Evidence

The introduction should provide a concise overview of the topic and provide a framework for the reader to understand the essay. Introduction: Expository essays are written to inform, persuade, or explain an idea. The essay will typically have an introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. It should be written in first person and organized so that it flows logically. The following is an example of how to lay out an expository essay: