Essay outline

  1. Introduction

The Hyperbole and a half is a humorous story about a child who gets an unwarranted sense of power that is received upon wearing a dinosaur costume.

The child’s behavior seems to have begun getting out of control, and it takes the intervention of the child’s parents and teachers to take away the costume.

  1. Everyone likes Power

Given a chance, everyone will take power.

Power comes with responsibilities that have to be respected; otherwise, power will become destructive.

  • Excessive Power is Dangerous

Excessive power is dangerous and destructive.

When the child wore the dinosaur costume, a certain feeling of excessive power hit them.

  1. Power Obsession is a Burden

People obsessed with power become a burden to those around them.

When things seemed to get out of control, and immediate intervention was required to calm the situation.

  1. Conclusion

Power should not be allowed to be accessed by children as this would only destroy them and create a burden to teachers and parents in helping the children control their power.

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