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Usually writing an exemplification for the first time, especially  to the vast majority of students, thus in this article from study Excel -professionals will discuss and enlightened  in-depth on how to write an excellent exemplification essay. We will highlight practical ways to craft exemplification outlines; Introduction part, body sections, and conclusion. Using our guide presented here will help you write a brilliant paper that will get you excellent grades.


An exemplification essay may be a familiar task to most students. However, one may ask- “what does essay mean?” or “what is an exemplification essay?”An exemplification essay may seem like a broad and complicated word to explain, but it is not.

            Most sources define exemplification essays as type and form argumentative essays.  In this type of essay, writers must provide reliable, relevant, and clear examples to persuade and convince readers of the argument writer. The exemplification theory; would be of most importance to mention here. An exemplification derives meaning from the logical argument that contains beneficial advantages and gives the ability to make rational judgments on how different events occurred and came into existence. To do this, we typically look back on our different experiences that seem to suit and fit well together.


Often students are given a free choice on exemplification essays that they need to write. We are highlighting some ideas on choosing and selecting a topic that will make your paper stand out to be excellent.

             Think about your interest by examining and researching exemplification essay topics. Settle for a relevant and suitable topic that stands out from other provisional issues: economy, political history, technology, perhaps.

            Be sure to look for and find all the relevant and credible sources you need before fully committing to a topic.  Be conscious to ask yourself, “are there enough credible sources out there to help me crafting and writing my essay.”

            Write about the topic of your interest but remember to keep your article relevant to exemplification. Don’t write about what you ate for lunch or about the football match last night.

            Create and develop mind-map different topic ideas. You can do this by browsing the internet for sites that have exemplification essay topics.

            Keep the exemplification essay topic relating to the sphere of your study. So, for your course in computer science, a good question would be, “Is java better than python?”

            Find through Google scholars for the papers related to the topic you are thinking of in your mind.

Avoid those topics you are not interested in. Writing about topics you are not interested in translates to hours of boredom while compromising the quality of your paper.


“What is a good topic for an exemplification essay?” is a common question by thousands of students. That’s mainly up for the student. Almost everyone knows we are all unique, with different interests and hobby choices. And we may choose other essay topic ideas for our preferred topic.

Easy Exemplification essays

  • Are the dictatorial systems of government economically profitable?
  • Does financial lending institution impact on local enemy positively?
  • What is technological growth’s impact on the independent business?
  • Should the democratic voting system be entirely online?
  • Is low tax payment terrible for society in general?
  • Is professional wrestling an unhealthy career?
  • Is humane to administer antidepressant to animals?
  • Can Capitalism and socialism coexist in modern society
  • Does Africa need more leaders?
  • Should cannabis sativa be legalized?
  • Does tyranny of power lead to existential suffering to ordinary citizens?
  • Should African countries merge into one super-state and be controlled by one major capital city?
  • How does imperialism affect the current world economy?
  • Why shouldn’t gender biases be in the music industry?
  • Good Exemplification essay
  • Should human rights movements broadcast graphics regarding human abuse?
  • In which way do Emigration officers participate in the Economy?
  • Will some music genres or styles of art ever die?
  • Should government limit meat processing?
  • Are our polythene products dangerous to our health?
  • Is mathematics the essential subject for students during their schooling years?
  • Should the UK continue with their selling weapon deals to Saudi Arabia?
  • Is it essential for persons with compulsive hoarding disorders to get help?
  • How does the religious organization contribute to immorality in our society?
  • Does bribing a teenager to do their household duties and focus on their education significantly impact later on in life?
  • How much does an election forecast affect and influence citizens on a candidate to vote for?
  • How successful are waste campaigns in changing the behavior of contemporary society ?

Common Exemplification Essay

  • Effects of pollution; for example, Effects water pollution on marine life.
  • Outcomes and Impact of The Civil Rights Movement
  • The Impact and effects of network on kids
  • The popularity of sports in US Residents
  • Drug abuse and nervous system
  • Causes and effects of the popularity of fast-food restaurants
  • Outcomes of Professional sports on children
  • Impact of growing up a single parent
  • The impact of school bullying on learners?

How to Write an Exemplification Essay Outline

Before you commence crafting and writing your Exemplification essay, it is always a brilliant idea to use well thought and written examples. We will present to you some essential tips you should incorporate in your article to captivate your reader [s}. Try to make use of them, and hopefully, they will help you get a grasp on a how successful exemplification article should be:

  • Always provide examples that offer relevant details that are easily understandable to the audience
  • Try to make and create as detailed and exciting examples as possible. Your samples should have a direct link to the subject topic.
  • Use valid and credible assertion that provides an accurate and clear statement.
  • Use persuasive examples to convince and persuade your audience about your point of view. Use credible facts and statistics, particularly in instance form. Using good examples can be much more potent than numerous explanation pages.


Step 1: choose a subject topic based on your interest.

            Step 2:  Research: An exemplification essay needs to examine the two sides of an argument.  It would be most important to research information before you commence creating your essay outline.

            Step 3: Write your essay outline: In this part, the writer gathers the sources and puts them together in numbered lists under the subject heading. Create your essay intro, Body paragraphs, and conclusion.


            Step 4: Writing: Introduction. In this section, writers need to summarize the subject topic.

            Step 5: Developing Thesis: Describe what you will address in the middle paragraphs. Include facts, information, and statistics for the body paragraph parts. Expound upon the central point of your entire paper clearly and concisely.

            Step 6: Body Paragraphs:

In the body, paragraphs write and elaborate on the central argument of your essay. It is a brilliant idea to use relevant and suitable examples and explain the samples you have chosen. Remember to decide the model you will use before you start writing your essay outline.

            Step 7: Conclusion:  Summarize the central and primary focus of your entire paper and develop sentences that persuade and convince readers to continue learning further about your subject topic.

            Step8; Proofread: Scrutinize your paper. You can request a reliable member of your society like a friend or close family member to help you identify errors and ideas you might have missed in your exemplification. Ascertain your work is free from grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors by making necessary amendments.


Our professional writing service would like to explain how to look at the structure of an Exemplification Essay.Opening of an Exemplification Essay. The beginning of the Exemplification Essay should firmly and clearly state the writer’s thesis and direct audience flow of the paper. It would be a brilliant idea to start your essay with a powerful quote or an anecdote. An essay writer can also ask a question or state facts or statistics.

            For example, if you are about to write about genetic engineering, you can commence your essay with the question: What came first, the chicken or the eggs? This eternal question. After questioning, you can talk about various statistical results and research, which will help reveal the benefits or disadvantages of using engineering. Remember that the first question helps capture readers’ focus, examine and reflect on what you will write further on the subject topic.

Body of an Exemplification Essay

The Exemplification body should point out and address the writer’s arguments clearly and precisely.  Use brief and suitable examples to expound on your argument Use arguments and relevant information to support your thesis to sound deep to engage your audience.

            Conduct extensive research on examples, facts, arguments, and points that convince and persuade your audience.  Categorize your research samples according to their significance and influence in the essay thesis. Continue stating your examples and evidence to support your thesis statement. Remember to develop transitional sentences in between the paragraphs of your work.

Conclusion of an Exemplification Essay

Ensure your essay conclusion establish a sense of closure and completeness of your entire essay. Restate your essay thesis and summarize the main points proving your thesis. You keep out the statistics and facts. Develop a transition link from your first paragraph to the last one by restating keywords or phrases of your work. Restate simple and robust statement proofs to further audiences’ closures and completeness for the subject. You can use a reference or potent quotation to add additional cogency.


.Choose a topic you are interested in; to write an outstanding Exemplification essay, you need to have perfect knowledge of the subject topic. It would be most important to report an issue you have passion for to know exactly the arguments to address in your paper.

Avoid Being Personal; it is good to write about a topic you know well about and are passionate about; however, you should not mention your opinions or beliefs in an exemplification essay. Saying personal thoughts and ideas shows non- opinionated arguments.

            .Avoid One-sided Arguments: Most students doing exemplification essays tend to choose a topic with only two sides of the argument—for example, terminal ailments. One-sided argument essays don’t meet Exemplification essay standards as they lead to essay writing biased, resulting in low grades. It is advisable not to write about a one-sided view.

            .Avoid too much Originality: Crafting a unique subject topic view alone is brilliant. However, looking for the positive effects of terminal illness is not an excellent idea-This overweighs the negative aspects.

            .Explain: An exemplification essay should elaborate on two arguments at hand. Present the two opinion and their outcomes for the best result.

Writing an Exemplification essay can be challenging, especially for the first years. The important thing is to learn how to outline an exemplification essay correctly, remember how to choose an appropriate topic, and defend your claims with suitable examples. It is always essential to select a two-sided argument topic.


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