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How to write an Explanatory Essay:

An explanatory essay is academic writing in which the author presents some point of view on a particular topic, event, or situation. Raising a point of view does not necessarily mean the writer agrees with the point of view; however, the paper must have some research and logic to make the writing feasible.

            Explanatory Essays typically present other people’s views or report certain situations or events. Explanatory essays are majorly common in history or journalism, where the author explores facts and actual problems, providing unbiased explanations based on evidence and facts.

            Usually, as an author of an explanatory essay decides upon a set topic, they will approach the subject from a particular angle. This angle is generally complicated to provide room for discussion. When writing an explanatory essay, you must present your point of view that sufficiently explains why you reached specific outcomes in your article.

            A common mistake most writers experience is believing that defending one side of the argument or criticizing some perspective. Writing an explanatory essay should aim at presenting a neutral point of view on the topic under study by providing analysis of a situation or event from research and logically created self-theory. The main goal of writing explanatory is to clarify any confusion and present a detailed explanation of why certain events occurred or situations happened. After readers finish reading your explanatory essay, they should clearly understand the idea you are presented in your article.


Mostly, explanatory essay topics are pre-assigned to students. For instance, University tutors can ask their students to outline  “The Events that Led to world War 1” or Explain  “How Automated  Machines Work.” If you are told to choose a topic by yourself, always remember that explanatory essays should be unbiased and based on facts.  Therefore, authors should select a neutral and non-controversial topic that they can explore and explain thoroughly to avoid biasness in their explanatory essay.  The more controversial the case, the more points of view you can explore and present your article, making your essay more comprehensive and complicated.

Explanatory Essays topic Examples

  • What were the leading causes of the rise of the American civil war? American progress from slavery to state’s rights and the aggravating feeling of the power loss: has been a significant concern and question yet to be adequately answered.
  • How does depression affect and impact the development of young children and teenagers?
  • Depression affects young children and teenagers in many ways. From material changes to mental jumps in mood swings, this topic still has much to address.
  • How does overall technological development and growth impact schools? Even though technology has significantly simplified many lives for the entire world, technology has brought with it sen laziness and overreliance. Technology can be considered an addictive drug among learners.
  • What are the Positive and negative impacts of social media in today’s society?
  • Social media is turning everybody into keyboard pros nowadays. Social Media allow people to spread their ideas and thoughts freely, but what about the adverse effects of social media?

How to start writing an Explanatory Essay- Prewriting Steps

.Before getting into the developing and writing process of an explanatory essay, you should remember to do proper research and data collection. An explanatory essay depends heavily on concrete research and data. Ensure you note down all crucial pieces of information from credible sources as evidence in your report.

            .It would be a brilliant idea to present your point of view with a combination of unique ideas and external information to validate your thoughts properly. Always research your topic and find various credible sources to defend your claim.

  • . Select and pick a neutral which you would like to explain in detail.
  • Find credible sources:Find relevant books in your learning institution library and utilize them as primary sources. You can also use online journals like Google Scholar or JSTOR.
  • Prepare your research. Write down relevant facts and quotes. Always keep track of the sources you are extracting, as you would have to cite later.
  • Organize your research into an essay outline, with an introduction, three main or more body paragraphs , and a conclusion
  • Review your material sources and begin writing your explanatory essay

            After collecting the necessary information, the next critical step is creating a suitable explanatory thesis. The thesis statement should concisely present your overall point of view about the subject topic. Remember, you’re not criticizing or arguing but stating facts and explaining what you will be contributing to your audience.


            EXPLANATORY ESSAY OUTLINE: The explanatory essay outline varies based on the length of the subject topic and the amount of information you want to present. Based on the descriptive essay format, most explanatory essays tend to be one or two pages long, generally approximately five pages long for the entire article. Normal essay has introduction part, body section and conclusion.

  • .The explanatory essay introduction typically presents the subject of the discussion to the audience and the descriptive thesis.
  • . The body paragraph of the explanatory essay will back up the thesis statement with the help of facts, logic statistics, etc.
  • The conclusion will then follow, summarizing the main points of your explanatory essay.

                         The conclusion should present an overall concluding statement. Now, let study- Excel professionals discuss each and every section in detail.

An Explanatory Essay Introduction

An excellent explanatory essay usually comprises three components: a hook, background information, and a striking thesis statement. An introduction serves as a gateway for the actual content of the entire explanatory essay. As always in all articles, first, we capture readers’ interest in the subject topic by presenting a striking hook statement. To make your introduction impressive can commence writing your essay with a famous quote, interesting fact, or something that captivates the reader’s interest.

                        After developing a hook sentence, offer necessary background information that seems to be particular knowledge and information. Clear background information will aid in projecting a clear picture for the reader to follow. At the last bit of your introduction, remember to fix your explanatory thesis to create a clear focus and flow of your essay.


Primarily the body paragraph should entail three sections not unless the topic is extensive and detailed. Each body paragraph should address one point. The general style for each paragraph is identical.

                        First step; Present a topic sentence that explains precisely the kind of information you will be presenting. Ensure your topic sentence has a clear transition from the previous point to the next.

                        Second step; Present a claim or argument that directly links and supports your thesis statement. It is of great importance to make the flow and transition of your claim clear and consistent to allow your audience to connect the ideas you’re presenting efficiently. A clear and coherent change will help validate and enforce your claim regarding the thesis statement.

                         Lastly, submit a piece of concluding information that summarizes the importance of the claim as per your thesis statement. Remember to follow these three systematic steps in each of your paragraphs.

An Explanation Essay Conclusion

While writing the conclusion, three essential components result in developing an excellent essay conclusion.

                        The first one is restating your explanatory thesis statement. Restating the thesis statement helps in strengthening your claim and bringing readers’ attention back to the main focal point.

                        The second step is summarizing your supporting point in the body paragraphs correspondingly. It is essential to restate the importance of each supporting point concisely. Restating and summarizing main supporting points demonstrates logical and clear defending of your explanatory thesis, thus strengthening your overall essay writing.

                        Last step: Provide your explanatory essay with a clear concluding statement. It would be a brilliant idea to explain the value of a specific point of view chosen from a global perspective. Remember to leave your readers with a call to action, focusing on captivating them to further study the subject topic.


                        Overall, your explanatory essay outline is going to look like this:


  1. Introduction ;
  • Developing an attention captivator; a hook.
  • Provide background information, presenting both sides of the argument.
  • Create a striking thesis statement.


  1. Body (Three paragraphs)
  • Identify and write the first argument with a topic sentence.
  • Provide evidence for each topic sentence for each paragraph using credible sources.
  • Explain the evidence; create a clear and coherent flow and transition of your ideas.
  • Conclude each body paragraph by solidifying your argument and explaining why it’s essential.
  • Use the conclusion to flow into and introduce the next paragraph section.
  1. Conclusion
  • Restate the thesis statement of your explanatory essay.
  • Summarize the most striking arguments and topic sentences of your descriptive essay.  
  • Strengthen your writing up with a powerful conclusion and leave the audience with a final potent impression.


  • Polishing up; before submitting your final work to your professors, you examine your essay correctly.
  • Check the clarity; the primary goal of writing an explanatory essay is to elucidate a topic, event, or situation. Ensure your descriptive essay writing scores high in clarity and comprehension level for the reader. Figure out whether your paper articulates your claims clearly.
  • Reread and Edit; Make necessary amendments as you reread your essay. Examine errors in your work and correct them to ensure the eloquence of your text.
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