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Learn the standard MLA, APA, and Chicago writing format.

The standard essay format is MLA, APA, and Chicago Styles.

MLA stands for the Modern Language Association, and it’s a bibliographic citation style. It’s commonly used in many fields such as humanities and social sciences.

APA stands for the American Psychological Association, and it’s a reference style. It’s commonly used in psychology and education fields.

            Chicago Style is a general-purpose writing style based on the Chicago Manual of Style that provides guidelines to ensure consistent spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage throughout an entire document or report. These are the most popular essay formatting styles in the United States. They are different from one another, but they all have common elements. Being able to cite any academic in the correct format is the joy of every student. StudyExcel will help you make a difference!

What is an essay format structure?

An essay format is a type of writing that includes an introduction, a thesis statement, a body with the main point and supporting evidence, and a conclusion. The introduction of an essay typically contains an overview of the topic and what the writer intends to discuss in their paper. The thesis statement identifies the main argument of the article. The body is typically divided into two sections: “the argument,” which provides the evidence that supports the main point, and “refutation,” which analyzes potential flaws in that argument. Finally, there is often a summary at the end of the paper that restates what was argued for earlier in this paragraph. To write effectively about something, you must know how it works and why it works and how it is organized. It should have:

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract: should be about 300 words in which the first 100 words include the research question and an outline; the following 100 words contain the resources, scope, and limits of research. Paragraph three shows the conclusion your essay tries to reach.
  3. Table of contents including the page numbers
    • Research
    • Thesis
    • Introduction
    • Arguments
    • Sub-headings
    • Conclusion
    • Appendix
    • Bibliography (works cited)
  1. Introduction

           * The research question is required

  1. Body
  2. Conclusion
  3. Bibliography

This outline format is a great way to structure and sustain a research essay. It’s based on MLA guidelines, so it works well if your paper is intended for publication.

How to write an essay in MLA format

MLA style is a formatting style used for writing academic papers and is most often found in the humanities. It is widely used in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. First of all, you need to know your essay’s audience. If it’s a professor or teacher you will be writing for, then MLA format will be expected. If it’s for a fellow student, then the APA style is preferred by many college professors and students. To write on this, follow the following step-step approach.

  1. Font: preferably 12 typed in Times New Roman
  2. Spacing:

           * Double spaced everywhere

           * No extra spaces between spaces

  1. Heading: on the upper left corner

           * Your name (say, john smith)

           * Professor’s name ( Segelleh margot)

           * The class/ course

           * Date (20 April 2020)

  1. Margins- one-inch margin all round
  2. Paper page numbering: last, put the last name and page on every page of the essay as a header lest it will go in the text.
  3. Title: should be centered and above the starting line of your essay with the same font as the essay.
  4. Indentation: press the tab key once to ensure uniform indentation.
  5. Align: should be left-sided and evenly arranged.

Writing essay in APA format.

The APA format is a standard essay format for the majority of students. Being familiar with its requirements will help you write a great college application essay. In APA structure;

  1. font- should be 12pt and in Times Roman
  2. Spacing: ensure you double space your essay all through.
  3. Margins: ensure a uniform margin of 1inch all round.
  4. Page numbering: Insert a header that includes the title of your essay at the top left of every page, not including punctuation.
  5. Title page: under this, ensure you capture the following details.

           * Title of your essay

           * Authors name

           * Institution affiliation

           * Additional information such as course title, instructor’s name, and date.

Chicago style

The Chicago Style is a way of writing that emphasizes clarity and conciseness. It’s a formal, objective writing style that allows for a certain level of latitude in grammar and punctuation as long as it conforms to the rules of Standard English. Under this citation, we will be expected to draft your essay as follows:

  1. Title page: * This format focus on title page spacing.

                    * Down the page, write the title with regular text. Double-space if more extended than                     a sentence.

                   * center your full name in the middle.

                   * Next, the course number, instructor’s name, and date are written in separate double-                        spaced sentences.

  1. Margins: 1inch margin apart from the right side is left.
  2. Spacing * double space everything

               * No extra spaces, more so in the paragraphs.

  1. Font: 12pt in Times New Roman
  2. Page numbering * last name, page number in the heading of every page on the top.

                              * The title page is not numbered, so start the first page of your work as page 2.

  1. Footnotes: quoted or paraphrased passages should have footnotes.
  2. Bibliography: not so much different from MLA; however, you should gather more information and cooperate specialized citation site.

Writing a custom essay with a suitable citation format involves

  1. The first tip is not to copy and paste the word or phrase because it does not make you look good. It would be best if you made it your own by adding your personal opinion in-between. 
  2. The second tip is to avoid using the words “in my opinion” because it sounds like you are unsure of your opinion and want others to agree with you, which can be a turn-off for some people when they read your custom essay.
  3. The third tip is to avoid using such words as “I believe,” “I think,” and “I feel.”
  4. The fourth tip is that when writing an essay, try to use short sentences with no extra words because that makes it easy for readers to understand what

Tips on writing a custom essay with a suitable citation format

A custom essay with god citation format is a type of essay written following the style of an academic field or discipline. Writing a custom essay with a suitable citation format is not difficult, but it does require effort and time. Students need to know the best practices when writing them to ensure that they are achieving their goals. Follow these tips for writing a custom essay with a suitable citation format. 

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