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For many years, countries worldwide have been facing a major dilemma to discuss gun possession and control. Gun control and possession is a controversial and easily debatable topic with many claims regarding this topic. Gun possession and control, is a controversial topic, calls for good mastery of writing skills to get good essays.

                Thanks to the global urge on the importance of gun control and measures, many learners need to develop and write essays on gun control and possession. Do you want to know how to develop an outstanding gun control essay? This paper will provide a comprehensive guide with top-ranking writing tips and tricks to write gun essay control.


Students may often find themselves required to write an essay gun control.  But most of them face the of starting their gun control essay? Before you begin writing and shaping your gun control essay arguments, it is essential to understand the concept of gun control clearly.

                Gun Control refers to laws and regulations controlling manufacturing, transfer, use, possession, and other related matters concerning guns within particular legislation.

                The situation with gun control and possession in the vast majority of countries across the globe is quite restrictive. Most legislation worldwide pays special attention to keeping the possession, use, and transfer of fire weapons strictly. Strict gun control makes gun possession a privilege to limited civilians who are only allowed to buy, possess and use firearms.

                Some countries have, however, had permissive gun control regimes. One good example of these countries is the USA. Due to the USA’s colonial history and pretty developed gun culture, most people in the US are allowed to possess firearms. That’s why; debating gun control, particularly in the USA, is ordinarily severe and profound.

                Recently, the second amendment to the US constitution protects the citizen’s ownership rights on firearms, which serves as the central argument against the country’s gun control laws and regulations. Meanwhile, civilians advocating gun control claim that the right to possess and use firearms should have certain restrictions. Proper procedures should be enforced to restrict specific groups of people and institutions that possess this firearm.


To begin writing gun control essay research, learn more about firearms rules and regulations, and find commonly used arguments to support each side of the debate logically. Actually, at the core of the argument on gun control, you can raise a philosophical question like, “Is gun Possession aright or privilege.” Many philosophical questions emerge concerning gun possession, manufacturing, trade, transfer, use, accountability, and responsibility for misuse.

Here are the most common arguments on gun control proponents

.Firearms regulation institutions laws to zero down the number of deaths caused by guns

  • .Most firearms used in crime were obtained legally and not from gun dealers {up to 80%in US}
  • .Possession of guns Increases the number of firearms fatalities and damages.
  • Opponents could apply the following common ideas
  • .Possession of firearms like guns is the best way to ensure self-defense.
  • .Gun control would not change gun accidents. It will only increase the black market of firearms.
  • .Education on firearms and gun safety will be more effective and economical than increased firearms regulations and rules.

            Some students tend to think the amount of arguments on their side makes their stance stronger; however, what matters is the uniqueness and quality of the arguments of your essay. The stronger and the better the claim, the less had to challenge and support the claim. It is brilliant to develop a strong argument. The first thing you should do, For the gun essay and other papers, state your ideas clearly and make them easy to understand. The second step is developing solid arguments and back up your claim with reliable evidence and facts, rather than using emotions to justify your claim. The third and last step is extracting information from reliable and credible sources and linking your argument to your essay’s arguments and claims. Let consider the following arguments examples:

            Strong argument;

The population of the USA is 320 million people. At the same time, the number of acquired and possessed guns by USA civilians is 380 million guns {Link resource} – surprisingly, there are more guns than USA civilians.

            Weak argument: There are more guns possessed by American citizens than the population of the USA.

            Strong argument; the recently conducted research in 2015 showed that the regulation of access to go guns decreased suicides rates by 35%.

            Weak argument; Many studies show gun control has decreased suicide rates.


            There are several types of gun control essays that students experience when writing gun control articles. Each type of gun control essay has particular distinctive writing features and peculiarities. It would be critical to be aware of the differences to handle and accomplish the task.

            Let take a closer look at the most common essay types and their differences.

            Cause and effect essays: This type of article implies describing the causes and outcomes of an event, situation, or something. For our case of gun control, a student can argue on a specific law, event, or situation related to gun control and possession and highlight the cause and effect relation of the event or law.

            Argumentative Essay; this type of paper implies supporting your position as an author with a solid logical argument. Writing argumentative Essay requires students or authors to conduct extensive research, develop a logical argument from credible sources, and analyze your argument.

            Definition Essay: this Essay aims to define a problem or concept for the readers to understand.

            Expository Essay; as the name suggests, this type of Essay requires the writer of the expository to conduct more profound research and expose the facts. Expository Essay should detail the topic by finding a more profound problem related to the subject concept and revealing the issue to the audience. For example {in regards to gun control, to be specific}, the writer can examine how government benefits from gun control regulation debates.

            Reflection essay; this paper reflects the writer’s personal opinion or thought regarding a particular concept.

            Persuasive Essay; this article mainly focuses on convincing readers of something by presenting appealing facts, logic, or emotion to them.

            Annotated Bibliographical Essay; this type of academic writing strives to research, analyze, and summarize the available resources {such as books, news, reports, journals, etc.} on a particular matter.

Persuasive essay on gun control

A persuasive essay is a common type of essay amongst high schools and high learning institutions. The main goal of a persuasive essay is to persuade the readers and convince them to support your ideas. A good persuasive essay should sound incredible and well thought with a backup of valid arguments.

                A good persuasive essay should entail the following three key pillars:

  1. Ethos- Suggest writers provide credible information by using valid and external resources.
  2. Logos-Recommends those authors to help readers understand their written ideas using logic and precise ideas to prove why the claims are wrong or right.
  3. Pathos; suggest the writer develop persuading and appealing statements to convince readers to support the authors’ position and, for example, focusing on making the audience gain empathy or fee shock.

                Always choose the above approaches which suit you most. The suitable approach helps the writer establish rational arguments, logic, or emotion to make your essay credible and persuasive.


Writing an argumentative essay is another common task Main purpose of an argumentative essay is to provide an argument for or against a particular matter. Unlike a persuasive paper, developing an argumentative essay does not require authors to convince their audience of their point of view. Wring an argumentative essay is one of the most challenging tasks. The following are different types of argumentation:

  1. Classic argumentation:This argumentation implies using a five discourse writing style: an introduction, narration, confirmation [by providing valid proofs from external sources] followed by concession and refutation. Refutation of classic argumentation should reveal two sides of the claim and finally-conclusion.
  2. Rogerian argumentation; this model of argumentation involves studying claims from both sides of the problem to find a common point and reach mutual understanding. Rogerian argumentation is the best model to write an argumentative essay on gun control and regulation topics.
  3. Toulmin’s Argumentation: This model of argumentation involves having a ground or facts that are instantly backed up with credible material {For instance-Academic, resources, support arguments, reports, news, etc.]

            To write an outstanding argumentative essay on gun control, authors need to choose a type of argumentation. Additionally, authors need to look for the right and suitable topic. 

While writing argumentative essays, settle for the slightly complicated topic. We share a few ideas to help learners shape and develop a robust gun control argumentative essay the


  • .Does gun control laws vs. crime levels affect each other?
  • .Why stricter gun controls will not help to reduce firearms accidents and fatalities?
  • Does gun control help decrease crime in the US?
  • Do Gun regulations laws have to be stricter?
  • Does gun control leave people defenseless?

                Next, authors have to conduct extensive research to gather sufficient arguments to support their thesis statement. Then, you can organize the collected information in a detailed gun control essay outline to simplify the writing process.  Once you have all your arguments and outline, you need to write your article following a suitable argumentative writing plan. To finish up your essay, polish your article by proofreading and editing.

How to choose a good gun control topic

Selecting a subject topic is usually one of the first steps authors should take before writing their article.  Selecting a topic is often challenging to decide and make the right choice. Many students make a common mistake at the initial stage of selecting a subject topic- picking a thoughtless topic with little or no research. At the same time, they select and pick a broad topic that is hard to discuss in a short essay like gun essay control.

                Authors should remember gun control is a broad and global matter. Furthermore, their many aspects to address in a gun control essay that makes it impossible in a single paper. Therefore, we advise authors to pick a more narrowed and specific topic to discuss and go deeper in topic to write their essay.

            Uphold the following critical characters to write a good gun control essay.

Importance of gun control essay: we advise authors to focus on the importance and relevance of the subject under study and concern when writing essays.

  • Engagement; an excellent topic should be engaging for both writers and readers.
  • Size:Good topics should have the right size and length to craft excellent paper. It is of great importance to ensure that you have good content to present in your paper.
  • Precision: a suitable subject topic should be specific and accurate. For instance, “Reasons why firearms control is good” is too broad, whereas “Stricter gun control laws and regulation in the USA can minimize social-economic risks” is more specific.
  • Relevance of the thesis: 

It is always brilliant to ensure the chosen topic is coherent and consistent with the thesis statement. For example, if you’re focusing on why gun control is reasonable in your article, your topic should also be pro-gun control.

  • Debatable; a good essay topic should be controversial. The essay topic should comprise both arguments for and arguments against the topic. Authors are generally required to study both sides of the subject matter. Presenting arguments on firearms laws, in particular, you should study both the good and bad outcomes of gun control.

            Writing an essay on gun control may often be a challenging task. However, organizing the writing process would be helpful to handle the writing process with ease.


  1. Pick the right topic; Choosing an excellent controversial topic makes your topics developing and writing process easy. The best topic should be relevant, meaningful, and engaging. Again ensure your topic is not too broad, but, at the same time, ensure enough scope of the information to address in

Your article.

  1. Create a powerful Thesis statement based on the information gathered:

Once you collect all your arguments on why gun control is good or bad, define your stance on the matter, and create a brief and clear thesis statement that informs the audience about your stance, giving insight into the article’s main topic. Have a look at this thesis statement example:

Example of a weak thesis statement; Gun control doesn’t influence criminal situations. {This statement is not specific enough, lack strong groundings}

Example of a strong thesis statement:

According to the recent official homicide and suicide rates in the USA with different levels of regulation for firearms, there is no correlation between homicides and gun control.[This thesis statement is more precise, specific, and based on a reliable source.}

  1. Research the matter thoroughly

Conduct comprehensive Research on the subject matter is an essential step towards developing an excellent essay. Remember to organize your Research and to use credible sources.

  1. Consider both sides of the argument

To make a gun control essay look compelling, the author needs to develop a solid supporting argument; choosing strong arguments requires writers to know their claims’ counter-arguments. Always ensure to the argument from both sides of your claim.

Don’t neglect to make an essay outline.

Writing an excellent essay requires the article writer to create a thorough outline of a gun control essay intro, the main body with crucial ideas and arguments, and the conclusion of gun control. The essay outline aids in making the writing process easy, and the most crucial essay outline ensure claims and arguments are well thought out, logical, coherent, and logical.

Here is a sample of a gun control essay outline


  1. Introduction

            Provide background information; the number of civilians who possess firearms in the US keeps increasing. Not to mention, the number of gun-related mortalities in the US remains very high [73%} compared to other countries. These statistics are alarming for more debate and concern on gun control and regulation.

Thesis statement; stricter gun control and regulation laws in the US will prevent gun crimes and violence.

  1. First body paragraph
  • Main point: Gun possession has no influence and effect on violence
  • Supporting arguments {use statistics/facts/argument/examples to back up your arguments}
  1. Second body paragraph {the counter argument}
  • Main Point:The increasing rates of gun-related deaths in the US are caused by unsteadfast gun regulation.
  • Supporting arguments {use statistics/facts/argument/examples to back up your arguments}
  1. Third body paragraph
  • Main Point; Gun possession is effective in self-defense
  • Supporting arguments {use statistics/facts/argument/examples to back up your arguments}
  1. Conclusion
  • Provide a summary of your main points.
  • Restate your thesis statement.
  1. Make your position Clear

Gun Control essay

Gun control relates to set of policies and laws that are enacted to facilitate the regulation of manufacturing, selling, transporting, possessing, or using firearms or guns by civilians. Also, gun control can be termed as firearm regulation as it primarily concerned with restricting and regulating firearms in a state. To ensure that firearms are regulated the majority of countries have put in place guiding policies that govern the use of guns. Typically, gun control doesn’t t restrict all forms of firearms but a particular category in which only authorized personnel are granted access clearance. However, regulating firearms doesn’t guarantee public safety as to some extent they need protection against unseen or sudden risks. Therefore, guns should not be regulated rather civilians should be educated on the benefits of having them and how to use them in an efficient.

The United States constitution documents the bill of rights in the effort to ensure good governance and facilitate democracy. Also, protection of these rights ensures the safety of citizens against oppression by the government. Therefore, the government should ensure that constitutional rights are adhered to and observed at all times. This is to ensure that civilians are safe and secure at all-time by providing them with firearms to ensure their safety (Gottfried, 1993). Thus, by controlling and regulating firearms in America, it is an indication of violation of human rights as these subjects’ civilians to imminent danger and also the denial of freedom.

Among the right documented in the constitution is the right to own property. This is an indication that American citizens have a legal right to own property in which firearms can be considered a property. This is an indication that controlling guns violates the constitutions and infringes on the rights of the American citizens. The constitutional right is enacted to facilitate effective governing of a state and thus by violating these laws, it reflects poor governance and violation of human rights.  Therefore, the constitution should be respected to ensure it serves its purpose and should not be violated at any particular time rather amendments should be made.  Additionally, prohibiting guns violates the right to freedom of expression and ownership of property which in return gives few individuals power over others. By restricting firearms in the American society goes against the law enacted to govern the state. Though these there is a decline in democracy and thus reflect unconstitutional endeavors with the state. As stated in the constitution citizens’ rights should be adhered to and their violation should be subject to the necessary action as directed by the law. However, gun control goes against these rights and thus it should be avoided unless they are amended.

Notably, there many risks associated with civilians possessing firearms in their home and even carrying them around. According to (Gottfried, 1993) manufacturing and selling of guns poses a great risk to the American society at large.  This is evident as there are many examples of criminal cases involving the use of guns in the United States However, it is also stated in the constitution how firearms should be handled and the consequences of mismanagement or using them for the wrong purpose. Therefore, the government should not restrict guns in the united states rather it should ensure rules governing the use of firearms are obeyed and necessary action is taken when violated.

In addition, possessing firearms through the right and constitutional procedure provide comprehensive and detailed information in respect to who owns a firearm within a particular neighborhood. Through this in case of any criminal activities involving the use of guns individuals responsible can be easily tracked and held accountable. This facilitates accountability and transparency within the states government and the society at large. Therefore, the government should advocate gun ownership across the entire state to ensure that all guns are legally owned and licensed instead of restricting them.

Also, the constitution clearly stipulates how firearms should be owned and the criteria to be followed in issuing them. This is an indicator that the constitution is precise on gun possession and ownership. Therefore, the state should ensure that the even the government abide by the laws enacted to govern the society at large. Through this democracy will be enhanced which will facilitate constitutional rights. Therefore, disagreeing in to respect to gun control since it is a violation of human rights and non-democratic acts.

Besides the negative aspect associated with guns in the American society they also have significant benefits which cannot be overlooked. Agreeing with the state on the risks caused by the possession and use of guns there are also crucial to the individual’s safety as well as the society at large. According to (Johnson, 2017), the state is responsible for the safety of its citizen and thus it should embrace all means possible to ensure their protection. However, it is documented in the constitution on how gun-related offense should be handled and the charges depending with the crime and its magnitude.

One of the rights guaranteed by the American constitution is the right to own and operate a firearm. This is supported by the second amendment which states that citizens a have the freedom of right to bear arms (Bakal, 1966). The amendment was enacted in the effort to keep and maintain a safe and secure environment for the Americans. According to the constitution, the right to bear arms should not be infringed and if so it is subject to a lawful action. Thus, gun control goes against the second amendment of the constitution which is clearly stated that is not subject to infringement.

Gun control is typically unconstitutional since it infringes rights and violates the different privileges, laws and immunity clauses. This is an indicator that by regulating guns makes gun ownership inconvenient which or rather impossible thereby violating the right to bear arms as documented in the constitution (Larson, 2018). Also, makes it bring about confusion to patriotic citizens who abide by the law through violation of the due clause. Patriotism is a key element which most of the states in the world look forward to achieving. Therefore, by restricting guns it reflects poor governance and unconstitutional actions as it goes against the state laws in respect to the right to own and bear firearms.

Basically, the constitution is made of laws which are enacted by public representative which are aimed to govern a state and individuals residing in it. However, with the attempt or the gun control ideology it clear that laws enacted can be infringed or rather violated. By controlling gun is reflects the government undemocratic actions in determining which laws should be followed and which are subject to violation. Though this, citizens are also encouraged not follow state laws since by enforcing gun control it goes against the law (Busch, 2003). Therefore, to set a good example to citizen’s guns should not be restricted as assign of respect to the constitutional rights.

Further, violating any constitutional rights should be subject to appeal in the court of law or to any other judicial system. If the restrictions are to be in place the issue should be addressed in a court of law to ensure justice is served. Also, civilian’s involvement is key to ensure good governance and democracy in a state.  Through this individuals will have a chance to contribute and share their thought on the issue and explain their views in relation to gun control. Therefore, civilians should also be a part of decisions making process in respect to issues cornering them and also to facilitate democracy.

In the second amendment of the constitution which was enacted in respect to firearms possession within the different state. Different states are subjected to distinct laws governing the use of guns depending with considerable factors. However, consideration relating to other measures towards gun control should be taken to avoid restricting gun. This is because, besides the amendment legality on different gun law, all the states are subjected to the same constitution which promulgated a robust bill of rights. Therefore, amendments should be made and passed to ensure effective use of firearms in different states.

Federal appeal courts should ensure that issues presented to them are judged with the utmost integrity and in accordance with the law. Also, they should ensure that justice is served for all despite their social class and political differences. Facts should be put into considerations and compared to real life situation if any action was to taken. For example, banning guns in a high crime neighborhood is essential to minimize crimes but at the same time, it puts other living in those neighborhoods at great risk (Palazzolo, 2016). Therefore, serious consideration should be put to ensure that all civilians all safe and free from any danger hence restricting firearms is not justice to all.

Thus the government and law bodies should ensure equality and equity in all states as a way of avoiding or doing away with discrimination. By ensuring that all civilians fully enjoy their rights and freedom to own guns it reflects an open government as dictated by the constitution. Therefore, gun control policies should not be put in place in the effort to enhance the safety in all civilizations and avoid favors of particular regions. Thus, control on firearms should not be enacted in any state to ensure standardization and freedom of arms is achieved.

Much focus should be placed on licensing firearms and retrieving unlicensed guns to ensure that there are order and partial control. Also, before s gun is issued the government should ensure the individuals who possess a firearm are of sound mind. Though this they can prevent unnecessary risks and insane people getting a gun. This can reduce gun irregularities to a great depth and ensure that guns are used by right-minded people for the right reasons. Therefore, instead of restricting guns, encouragement to own at least one should be advocated to ensure all firearm possessed ar legal and registered. In that in case they are used to commit a crime they can be traced and the owner held accountable.

In summation, gun control should not be enforced within the American civilization and this will undermine the security of civilizations. Also, it is against the constitution as it allows citizens to own an arm thus restricting them violates these rights.  However, Instead of regulating guns the government should initiate educational programs to ensure that civilians understand how and when to use a gun. Through this, they can minimize criminal or immorality to a great extent. Therefore, gun control is not a remedy to the problems experienced due to possession of arms rather it is a problem on it own as subjects civilization different kind of risk which they can’t protect themselves from without firearms.

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