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Heart of darkness summary

Heart of Darkness is a 1901 novella by Joseph Conrad. The story tells about a voyage up the Congo River and its narrator’s experience in the Congo Free State at the start of European imperialism in Africa.

The Heart of Darkness, also known as Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, is a novella published in 1902 by Joseph Conrad. The story is about an unnamed narrator who takes an assignment to navigate up the Congo River deep into Africa.

The Heart of Darkness was not meant to be a literary work, but it found its way into the hearts and minds of many literary greats such as Ernest Hemingway and Arthur Conan Doyle, who praised it for depicting human nature and life lessons.

The Heart of Darkness is a short story written by Joseph Conrad in 1902. It is the journey of the unnamed protagonist, who sets out to explore the Congo River. He makes his way upriver past many different tribes and sees their habits, lifestyles, and spirituality. Finally, he comes to understand that there is not much difference between them all.

The Heart of Darkness is an intense journey for this unnamed protagonist who explores the Congo River. He makes his way upriver past many different tribes and sees their habits, lifestyles, and spirituality. Finally, he comes to understand that there isn’t much difference between them all.

Summary and analysis: outer station

The story starts with a ship that has been shipwrecked on an uninhabited island. The captain, Mr. Kurtz, is a man who was on his way to meet with foreign traders. At this point in the story, the protagonist has been on this island for about six weeks and feels out of place from his surroundings.

At the beginning of the story, Kurtz tells Marlow that he knows there’s a big difference between him and other people because he’s not a proper sailor like them – he’s not one of “the others.” Still, Marlow says that it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are if your ship gets shipwrecked on an uninhabited island six weeks into your voyage.

Kurtz gives up hope for rescue

Summary and analysis: central station

The central station in the Heart of Darkness is a place where many people come for help. It is the place where they get their work done, and it is also the place where they can receive food, water, and shelter.

The station represents an important source of social order, but it has its dark side. The author seems to imply that this social order leads to dehumanization because people are always busy doing something else to avoid looking at their mortality.

Summary and analysis: inner station

The novel is set in what is now known as the Congo Free State, an area of Africa that functions as a colony of Belgium. It tells the story of an ivory trader named Kurtz, who has established his sovereign state in the jungle.

The inner station in the Heart of darkness summary by Joseph Conrad is about an ivory trader named Kurtz who builds his state in the jungle and becomes an idol for many people in Africa.

In this short story, the narrator journeys into the Heart of darkness as he goes to the Congo. He encounters a station that seems civilized on the surface but is a place of horror and cruelty.

The inner station in the chapter of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is a place where European civilization meets its opposite – it’s a station where Europeans can find refuge from their harsh colonial life back home.

Journey home

The Pella had an ill-starred voyage: she was caught in a vicious storm that broke her rudder and sprung her forecastle deck; she then proceeded to wreck upon Black Island, off the coast of West Central Africa. This event led to much disorientation and confusion among her crew, who were forced to abandon ship when no hope seemed left for either saving themselves or continuing their voyage.


In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad’s written epilogue reflects on Kurtz’s character and why he became insane.

The epilogue in Heart of Darkness is when

the protagonist

is released from prison and has a glimpse into the future, where his son will grow up in a country that he helped to destroy. This is when he realizes that his actions would have dire consequences for the world and that what he did was wrong.

Joseph Conrad wrote this epilogue because he wanted to show how evil colonialism is and can be stopped by destroying it.

The epilogue is Joseph Conrad’s conclusion to his novella”. It is the only part of the book written after the main character, Kurtz, had died. The epilogue was initially published separately in “The Heart of Darkness and Other Tales.”

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