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An opinion essay requires authors to write their thoughts concerning the subject matter. Authors should support their point of view with relevant examples and explanations when writing opinion essay. Before writer get into writing an opinion paper, it is essential to study the definitions, topics, structure and requirements. It is highly important to refer to relevant examples.  Take time and have a look at this to learn how to develop and write opinion essay like a pro.

What is an opinion Essay?

A commonly asked question to the vast majority of students is “        What is an opinion essay?” An opinion essay form of assignment which contains questions that allows learners to share and air out their point of view. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts precisely while providing opinions on issues relating to the subject field with reasonable logic.  Opinion essay requires references to support the writer’s claims.

            Opinion essay writing entails the use of the student’s point of view or perspective which should be segregated into a point. Students should use relevant examples and explanation to strengthen their claim. The opinion papers usually address the readers directly by stating “dear readers” or the equivalent. The introduction of an opinion essay usually involves a reference to book, play, or speech. This is usually followed by a rhetorical questioning like “is the president superior?” or something relating to the introduction.

What are the requirements of an opinion essay?

Avoid going off the topic– Always develop and write within relevance of your opinion essay topic .Going off the topic typically refers as “beating around the bush”-this results into low grades.

            Indent the first paragraph; Developing and writing opinion essay is not different with availability of many academic essays. Opinion essay of academic writings entails the rule of indenting the first line if the introduction.

            Well thought essay thesis:  A thesis is normally brief description of the opinion essay paper. Thesis statement determines ideas you will be addressing in the rest of the paper. Give the glimpse of the information you wish to include in the body paragraphs.

            The use of the formal language ; Writing in an informal manner is okay however keep a wide range of professional and formal words- This words  include” furthermore” , “however”,  “thus” & “ as stated by”

            Avoid internet slang:  As the rule of professional writing avoid using slang words. Avoid words like “LOL” ,“OMG”, “ LMAO” ,etc.

            The use of the first person language{ Optional } : For the purpose of providing personal thought , it is acceptable to write an opinion essay in first person.

            Avoid informal punctuation:  Writing opinion essay in first language does not allow usage of an informal punctuation. Informal punctuation includes dashes, emojis or unnecessary exclamation marks.

            Avoid contradictions:  Always make sure all spelling and grammar is correct.

Opinion Essay topics

Before we take through the structure, it is important to choose from wide variety of the opinion essay topics. Selecting an opinion essay topic is something which students can do easily. It is advisable to choose an opinion topic which you are passionate about to write, otherwise you may find writing essay process boring. Choosing topics which you are passionate about ensure effective and outstanding writing of an essay.

  • Do international sports differ from regional sports?
  • Is using animals in performance circus immoral?
  • Why we should be transparent and honest with our peers?
  • Should all working people be entitled to a 4 day week?
  • Should all humans become vegetarians?
  • Do CES earn a lot/too much?
  • Should teenagers be barred from having sleepovers?
  • Should every civilian vote for their leader?
  • What are the most energy efficient and safest cars in 2020?
  • Opinion Essay Structure

             When it comes to developing paragraphs, most students experience difficulties in developing suitable format of the entire paper. The standard five paragraph essay structure normally suits the opinion essays. It would be brilliant for the student to figure out what they are supposed to include in each section of the opinion essay. Following an opinion structure is helpful for all beginners and good for their own revision before writing?


At introduction part of an opinion essay author is required to:

  • Address the readers directly and a state the subject topic directly.
  • Refer a potent speech, book, poem or play
  • Reveal the author’s name; date of the publication {should be in brackets}


  • Create 1or 2 sentences to come up with brief description
  • 1o2 sentences summarizing the entire paper
  • 1sentence linking and leading your flow to the first paragraph

Body paragraph 1


  • Develop a supporting argument
  • Provide example
  • Explain further on the your argument
  • Write a sentence linking to the second paragraph

                        Body paragraph 2

  • Develop a supporting argument
  • Provide example
  • Explain further on the your argument
  • Write a sentence linking to the third paragraph

                        Body paragraph 3

  • Develop a supporting argument
  • Provide example
  • Explain further on the your argument
  • Write a sentence linking your third paragraph to the conclusion
  • Conclusion

    • Provide summary for the entire paper
    • Write lasting impressive conclusive sentence [the bigger picture}
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