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How to Write a Personal Essay

A well written and well thought out personal essay can inspire audience / readers { for example , change the way they do their things or something on their lives}.  We can define personal essay as nonfiction narrative essay which allow authors to share their personal experiences, lessons learned from finding themselves in predicament, incidents or insightful information. To write impressive personal essay, the first thing to do understands the personal format and its fundamental structure. Next step: should be exploring multiple personal essay topics and familiarizing with basic personal essay outlines – consequently to identify the most compelling outline.

Proper format

As rule, the most academic tasks, personal essay format we normally outline personal essay in Five paragraphs. As always we start writing essay articles with introductory paragraph. A good introductory paragraph should provide the readers a clear understanding about the narrative personal story you going to write. Introductory paragraph should aim at drawing reader’s attention and inspire them to read the entire paper.




            These steps require students or writers to develop thesis statement on the introduction and introduce the point you would like to discuss. After creating and writing an introduction, writer must formulate three body paragraphs that support thesis statement you developed in the introductory paragraph. Ensure you develop paragraph for each new point. Remember to develop transition from one paragraph to another ensure your ideas flow smoothly.

            It would be brilliant idea in the end to wrap everything up and give your readers sense of completeness by developing a good conclusion. Remember to restate the main points that you developed in the body paragraphs to leave audience with specific motion depending on the subject topic on the subject matter.

Personal essay topics

If you have got a lot amusing stories to share, personal essay can shine brightly by interactively engaging the reader. Find unique or unusual experience or unique moment in your life.

            Looking for a life lesson from another percespective can turn into deep and meanful subject matter. You can decide to pick a subject topic from a huge list of personal essay topic that you finds in the internet. Remember to be precise and careful because not all essay topics meet the requirements of your professor.

Personal Narrative Essay topics

When writing personal narrative essay, try to explore a unique or unusual experience that drifted a sense of conflict in your life. Explore how and why you were annoyed, hurt or confused by the experience. Remember your piece of paper is place where you can freely discuss significant moments, reflect impact of your experience and express your emotions . Knowing all this can help you create a bunch of really good essay topics. Have look at the following essay topic examples:

  • “The small step that helped me to start skyrocket in my career!”
  • “Why self esteem urges teaches you master self-discipline.”
  • “People learn a lot from their own mistakes.”
  • “Life is not all about one-dimensional way: it is curvier than a snake!”
  • “What I learned about conquering my fears.”
  • “A moment ;when you should have made a better choice.”

Crafting an outline

Crafting narrative essay is one of most essential steps at all writing levels. Essay outline serves as navigator guiding throughout the entire writing process. It is always important understand how to start writing personal essay, what to include in the body paragraphs and how to conclude your narrative essay properly.

How to start a personal essay

Start writing your paper with introducing statement about your story, while the same time hooking readers attention by creating hook sentence. It highly advisable- to use appropriate quotation, fact, definition or even an intriguing question.

            Enlighten your readers by explaining important aspect such as;

  • . Introduce the major characters
  • .Mention when and where the event took place
  • Tell what kind of the story you be will sharing.

            Remember great introduction should have excellent narrative thesis. A thesis should be written in one concise and clear sentence that drifts the reader to the commencing point of your personal essay.


Body paragraph part should include supporting evidence for you narrative thesis statement.  Supporting evidence should be presented in form of experiences and reflections on the events. As writer you should note the passage of time in body sections to ensure that the reader is aware of how and when each particular chapter took place.

How to write a conclusion paragraph

Naturally, personal narrative essay conclusion should include summary of events and experiences discussed throughout the essay. Writers should aim at- enabling readers discover a life lesson by going through the story. It is at conclusion paragraph where writer should show lessons learned from the experiences and how the previous events changed writer’s life.

            Use 1 paragraph for the introduction section, 2-3 paragraphs for the body section, & 1 paragragraph for the conclusion. Adapting this approach allows writer put together a solid outline from the start. Remember that you are not limited to five paragraphs as long as you have all the three sections addressed in the personal narrative essay.

Personal Essay Writing Process

Start with engaging introductory sentence; Commence writing your personal essay with an introductory section is highly engaging and interesting for your audience. Start with engaging opening sentence Open your personal essay with an introductory section that will be engaging and interesting for your reader. Introduce the main characters of the narrative story as well as the central theme/themes at the opening section,.  Introduction paragraph should also present the principal question of the narrative essay.

             It would be of great importance to write from your unique point of view. Remember you are free to develop and write your personal narrative essay from your point of view or in your own unique writing style. In contrast to other forms of essay-writing personal narrative essay   welcome personal writing perspective.


            Take the characters into account Be certain to discuss your characters from all angles of life. Even though it is telling the real life experiences, you should always consider storytelling elements such as the plot and characters. Make use such ingredients in writing personal narrative essay   keeps your reader highly engaged and also help smooth flow of your essay.

            Shed light on a deep truth; it would be highly helpful if you discuss your background experience with honesty and curiosity. Don’t be scared to reveal a concealed truth or a fact you didn’t know was there at the time. Picture a thing that is sore or difficult for you to argue. No matter who will read your paper? Whether it will be a instructor or somebody else, they will certainly appreciate your sincerity and endeavor to share your experience.

Personal Narrative Essay

Writing a personal narrative paper is an effortless way to contribute to your (writer’s) personal understanding or a story from your life. Writing a superior paper will require writers to focus on many vivid particulars and view them from a different angle. You will need to make out critical points and pay a lot of consideration to the information you desire to present. The 1st thing to do is you should let the audience discern what you will be discussing about and your view. In the body paragraph section, provide the reader a complete idea of what happened (For example: personal experience, event, etc.) and how you are feeling about it. Your narrative should be chronological order, or cluster the facts by significance. In the last part, you will have to to wrap up everything and present the most important proposal of your story, whether it is a lesson/message that you’ve learned, articulate precisely the impact of a particular occurrence or experience, etc. Using this kind of personal essay layout will consent to the writer to keep their audience in an interactive manner throughout reading the entire essay.

Writing a Rough Draft & Submitting

After completing all the previous writing steps, it’s time to crafting a rough draft. Crafting a rough draft offers writer an opportunity to gain some fresh ideas about what you’re writing. Furthermore, it’s a great place to shine your essay up and correct all small grammar, format, spelling and other types of errors.  Then you can get a second pair of eyes: No one can rate your essay writing like a neutral party. As soon as you check everything, you can commence writing your final paper. Before presenting your personal essay confirm everything once again and pay attention to presenting the fundamental theme.             After this, go through your personal narrative essay and proofread the entire paper. It may be somewhat exasperating to examine an paper full of grammatical mistakes, which can easily shun from. You can seek classmate for assistance. Remember to meet the deadline – and you’re good to obtain excellent results!

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