Confidentiality Guarantee

Your privacy is critically important to us.

We have always taken the privacy of our clients very seriously and we, at, are fully committed to ensuring our credibility and trust at any cost. To ensure that the personal information of clients is never shared with any third person, we have created a very well compressive and user-friendly “Privacy Policy” which clearly deliberates how we gather and use sensitive info when somebody comes to our site for getting an advantage of our exclusive services and offers.

How We Collect, Store and Use Private Information of Visitors and Clients? guarantees that the collected information will never be misused, shared or sold to any third person even if they bear no doubts to make our clients’ privacy risky. We collect the information of the clients such as name, phone number and email address and store everything piece of info in highly protective and fully encrypted servers.

We gather visitors and clients personal info only for few purposes given below:

    • To ensure a seamless and smooth process to carry out clients orders
    • To answer the queries and concerns of customers
    • To let users know about the launching of new products, special offer, discount, and deals etc.

What Type of Information is Collected from Visitors/Clients?

When a visitor lands on our website, some of the details are stored automatically but there is no such thing which can disclose his/her personal identity. The following information is collected:

  • IP Address
  • Browser Name
  • ISP information

Does Use Cookies?

Yes, it also uses cookies with the permission of respective clients to understand their likes and dislikes so they can be suggested relevant stuff when they come to our site next time. We have to take these steps only to ensure the overall performance of our website from a technical point of view. We have a team of expert developers who are always busy in improving overall performance so we can provide the best services. However, if you don’t want to allow cookies, you can restrict them but of course, this will affect user experience as you will be some of the great stuff available at different places of our website.

Note : owns exclusive rights to make any changes, modification or addition in our privacy policy, however, in case of any changes, clients will be notified through emails. Notifies and Insists Each and Every User to Read and Understand Our Privacy Policy Before They Decide to Buy Our Services.

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