Research Paper Outline


Students will submit a 2-3 page double spaced paper (not including preliminary bibliography) outlining their proposed research paper topic. Research paper topics may be any subject of interest to the student that is public administration related and is relevant to the objectives of this class. If there is any uncertainty, ensure that your topic is approved by the instructor. Send me an email if you have a concern.  This assignment is worth five points and represents five percent of your grade. It will be due by Sunday, February 3rd  at Midnight EST.


PAD 6053 Research Paper Outline Rubric



Paper Author:                                                                       Point Total____ ___ 


Introduction (1 point): _________


  • Introduce and define the research topic of interest.
  • Discuss how the topic relates to public administration and the objectives of this class.
  • How can you relate the piece to something of “real world significance” that matters to you?[unique_solution]


Research Paper Analysis (2 points): _________


  • This is where you go into more description about how your topic integrates some of the key topics of focus this semester:
    • Accountability
    • Organizational Theory & Issues
    • Human Capital
    • Budgeting
    • Implementation and Performance
    • Political Perspective


  • Clarify what types of journals (ex. Public Administration Review, Government Information Quarterly, etc). or other resources you will use to help guide you moving forward. You don’t have to have every specific article identified, but you should have a plan for where you are going to find support in the literature for your paper.  A preliminary bibliography of some of the sources you will be using should be included.


Formatting, Logic, Flow, and Understanding of Material (2 points): _________


  • The quality of writing reflects upper-level work demonstrating clarity of ideas and an integration of concepts. The use of subheadings and transitional sentences between subsections is required.
  • Include the proper use of footnotes and citations.
  • Include the proper use of headings and has an introduction and conclusion paragraph.


Grammar, Spelling, APA Style (0 points): _________

  • Points will not be given for this! However up to 2 points may be deducted for poor grammar, poor spelling, use of first person, and not following requirements

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Concept and goals of a research paper outline

The concept of a research paper outline is straightforward, but it is important that you do not underestimate its value. It can help you keep your research focused on what you want to say and avoid the typical pitfalls of writing a thesis-length paper.

The main goal of a research outline is to provide an overview of the paper in simple, concise language. It should be clear, concise, and easy to read.

A research paper outline is an introduction to the thesis statement and all the main points for your research. It helps you get started on writing your thesis statement.

Some examples of what you might include in a research paper outline are:


Intro or thesis statement

Thesis statement restatement Background information about the topic (optional)

Major ideas/themes/reasons behind your thesis statement (optional)

Major arguments/evidence to support your thesis statement (optional)

MLA research paper outline

The following outline format can be used to organize your research paper when writing about a certain topic. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of everything that could fit into your paper, but rather, it provides helpful ideas for organizing your paper.

Introduction: The introduction includes a thesis statement and background information about the topic.

MLA paper outlines are used in many academic institutions, including colleges and universities.

MLA paper outlines are the backbone of academic writing. They provide readers with an overview of the topic and help them understand what is expected next. The introduction section should include the following:

The purpose of this outline is to provide an overview of the topic at hand. It will present three major sections, which will help readers to understand what follows throughout the paper itself.

The next section should include a summary of the issue that needs to be discussed in detail to answer it while providing a theory or explanation for why this issue was chosen for research purposes should be mentioned as well.

The conclusion section should review everything discussed throughout this project, ensure that everything was answered, and give any suggestions.

Mastering APA research paper outline

Since the publication of APA style in 2001, it has been one of the most-used styles for writing research papers. This style is especially popular because it provides a set of rules that are easy to follow. However, different rules can be confusing for those who don’t have a background in psychology. To help you out, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that can help you write your research paper with ease.

In the paper outline, you should mention your hypothesis and introduce your topic before discussing relevant data or theories that apply to it. It is important to make a good connection between these two parts of the outline because they will be used as a foundation for your entire paper.

The APA research paper outline is a key step to writing your paper.

An APA research paper outline can be done by students who are just beginning their academic careers. Still, it should also be done by experienced writers and researchers for various reasons. Masters of the field created the following outlines, so they will show you what a good outline should include and how to approach your work.

The APA research paper outline is a structured way of organizing and structuring the ideas in your paper. It has three main sections: Introduction, Literature Review, and Discussion/Conclusion.

A detailed outline

A research paper outline is the first step of any research paper. It provides a brief overview of what the researcher intends to do with his/her research.

The following are some basic steps for writing a research paper outline:

1) Research question or statement- Describe your project’s question or statement, how it will be answered, and why you are undertaking this study.

2) Introduction- Provide an overview of the project, including background information on the problem, methodology used to answer it, and specific problems past researchers faced.

3) Hypotheses- Describe the project’s hypotheses.

4) Literature review- Include any relevant literature review in this section.

5) Methodology- Include a detailed description of your methodology in this section.

A detailed research paper outline is a template that most research papers follow most often. It contains the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion of a research paper.

Things to remember

When it comes to writing, many people are quite unsure of what exactly they should be doing. This is mainly because nobody has ever actually given them any advice on writing research papers outline.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing a research paper outline.

Every student and researcher is different and might require a slightly different strategy. However, some general steps can be remembered when writing research paper outlines.

First of all, remember that it’s important to be concise yet comprehensive in your outline. You should list the topics you want to cover and then prioritize them according to their importance – what the audience will find most interesting or influential. Researching and writing about these topics can be hard, so it’s important not to overdo this process!

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