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How to write a Research paper

If you are looking for a quick starting point, here is a list of basic steps to follow when writing a research paper.

            : Brainstorming: Brainstorm the topic and jot down notes to make sure you have plenty of ideas and topics that can be explored in your paper.

            . Research: Find relevant resources and resources related to the topic which you want to write about, and check if it has been written before or not. If no one has written about it before, then go ahead with your research project! To come up with the best content, try to work on different angles and collect as many data points as possible from credible sources for your subject matter.

            . Analyzing: Once you have plenty of data points from credible sources


            So you want to write a research paper, and you need help? This article is for you!

            How to Write a Research Paper:

            Step 1: Create an Outline

            Step 2: Write the Introduction

            Step 3: Explain What You Already Know and What You Want To Know

            Step 4: Create an Argument and Support It with Evidence

            Step 5: Write Conclusion and Offer Additional Details.


            A research paper is a type of academic writing that focuses on a research question. Research papers are often written in response to a specific event, such as a conference or an academic journal article.

Writing a Research Paper can be challenging for students; that’s why it is important to have an idea of what your paper will look like before you start working on it.



            Research papers are the most common assignments that professors require of students. But writing an essay on any topic can be tough, so don’t worry if you’re not familiar with how to do it. This article will detail some tips on how to write a Research Paper using easy-to-follow steps.

            Coming up with an idea is one of the most difficult parts of writing a Research Paper . Spend time brainstorming and find questions you would like to answer through research.

The following are some tips on how to create an outline for your Research Paper, including:

            The importance of creating an outline before starting work – An example outline for a Research Paper about gender inequality in the workforce – A guide on what information should go into your outline


            The introduction of a research paper is perhaps the most complicated and time-consuming part. With more and more assignments piling on, it can be hard to know where to start and how to make the paper stand out.

            Writing a research paper is not as hard as you might think. A good first step is thinking about what your audience will be asking you questions about after they read your essay. It’s also important that you set yourself small goals for each section of the paper to know what to aim for and work towards achieving them with every draft.

            Many things go into writing a successful research paper, but one of the most important aspects is how it all comes together at the end: good transitions, effective use of language, and an organized, well-structured


            Writing a Research Paper is a process that can be very tedious and stressful. It can take hours for students to complete the task of writing a Research Paper. Luckily, with the help of some online research tools, this process has become easier and faster.

            This paper discusses how students can use our online writing services to write their Research Papers faster and more efficiently. By using our professional service, students will need less time and effort than before to complete their Research Papers, resulting in faster grades and less stress at the end of the day.

            There are many guidelines that you need to follow if you want to write an excellent Research Paper and get a high grade.

            The most important thing is that you know what your paper is about. If you don’t know what your paper is about, it will not be easy for you to write it.

            Another tip for writing good research papers is planning the entire process before beginning the work. Setting up a work plan and ensuring that all of your resources are gathered in advance will help you stay organized and on track while writing.


            The tips for writing a research paper are not the same as those for writing any other kind of paper. As a result, we have put together a few tips that will help you out if you need them.

This guide has laid out the general steps you should follow to write an excellent Research Paper.

            The introduction should be clear and concise and must give readers a sense of what is to come throughout the document. The opening paragraphs should also grab their attention and draw them into reading further.

            Research papers are often thought of as the most difficult types to write as they require a lot of research and writing skills. However, some easy steps can help you write an excellent Research Paper.

            First, identify the subject and the question: What is your paper about? What should be answered in it?

            Second, find sources: Select books and articles from the library or online. Make sure to organize your sources according to headings such as authors, chapters, topics, points-of-view.

            Third, design your outline: Outlining is one of the most important parts of research paper writing. It would be best if you had a general idea of what you want to say before reading or researching your paper. Create an outline that includes headings for each paragraph in which you will .If you are looking for some creative writing tips, you have come to the right place. The following are some creative writing tips to help you write an excellent Research Paper.

  • Start with a strong thesis statement
  • Keep your content light and easy to read
  • Allow your readers to visualize details
  • Include interesting facts
  • Avoid distractions by including fewer words in your sentences


            It’s a challenge to write a Research Paper – the amount of research that needs to be done, narrowed down into a manageable length. This is because the Research Paper must cover a topic from start to finish.

            You don’t need to be an expert on your subject area to write “a good” Research Paper. It’s more about whether you have done enough research before writing it and using what you learned from your study or experience.

Tips for writing an excellent Research Paper

  • Avoid any plagiarism by checking the research paper with a plagiarism checker before submitting it.
  • Make sure that your research is credible and well documented with relevant data and sources
  • Keep track of what you have learned from your research paper as you build on your knowledge every time you write a new one so that you always have something interesting to share with people
  • Make sure that your writing is appropriate for the audience

The tips below will help you write a research paper that is not only great but also unique.

  • You should have a specific topic in mind before writing a research paper
  • Keep your reader’s interests in mind to come up with an appealing thesis statement
  • Make sure that you cover all the main points of the topic and make sure they are well supported
  • There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing a Research Paper, but make sure your work uses evidence from credible sources


            Writing a Research Paper is a complicated task that requires attention to detail and formatting. It can be overwhelming for a new writer, but you can be on your way to writing a quality paper with these steps.

            First things first: make sure you have all the necessary material before beginning the process. You will need this information, including your thesis, the sources of information from which you will pull data, and how these data points address your thesis statement.Once you have this information in hand, the next step is to format your paper. This involves making sure that all sections are sectioned off and formatted correctly using headings or subheadings. You should also use bullet points or numbers to break up long lists of text into smaller sections that are more manageable for readers.


            A research paper is a document that summarizes and presents the results of a specific research project. It includes findings, discussion, and conclusions. The success of a research paper depends on how well it has been written and structured. The key attributes of a Research Paper are:

  • Essays: Research papers contain an essay that answers the questions “What?” and “Why?”
  • Introduction: Research papers should have an introduction that gives an overview to the reader about the subject matter of the paper
  • Literature review: A literature review is important because it provides background information about your topic
  • Methodology: It includes details about how you collected your data
  • Results & Discussion: It includes what you found out in your study


            Research papers are among the most popular assignments students are asked to do in schools, colleges, and universities. Research papers can be quite challenging to write for students with limited writing skills.

            Some tips on how to write an excellent Research Paper – include the topic idea, methodology, examples, key points, and conclusion; focus on your thesis; make sure you know the topic well; use appropriate sources; do proper referencing.


            The tips in this article will help you write a good Research Paper. Follow these guidelines, and you will be able to write a well-researched research paper, well-written, and highly focused on the topic.

  • Tip 1: Develop a clear thesis statement for your research paper
  • Tip 2: Craft an effective introduction that hooks readers in
  • Tip 3: Use appropriate transitions to create movement through your text

            Before you commence writing Research Paper, it is important to conduct primary research first. It is also important to read the instructions of the assignment carefully. No matter what type of Research Paper you’re writing, it will require you to formulate a thesis statement and follow up with sources that support your argument.

            Many people think that the hardest part about writing a Research Paper is coming up with ideas for content. There are tons of websites out there (i.e., study Excel) where you can find topics for these papers. But if you’re not finding anything on those sites, don’t worry! You can also brainstorm on some excellent topics for this paper by asking questions about your topic or reading some research papers on similar topics (i.e., Leisure Activities).

            Writing a research paper is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and effort to write and present an in-depth research paper.

            Those who think that writing a research paper is too much of a challenge should consider using a study Excel writing service for this purpose. Our writing company service develops clients: citations and bibliographies and article summaries, abstracts, and more. This makes the whole process simpler for those who are struggling with it on their own.


Research Paper 

Research a specific mental disorder within the realm of Abnormal Psychology. The topic must be one which is discussed in the Comer text and described in the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The length of the body of the paper must be at least 7 pages, and must not exceed 10 pages of summarized research findings in current APA format. In addition to this, include a current APA-style title page, abstract, and references; these do not count toward the minimum number of pages required. The paper must be organized with sub-headings reflecting the required sections (I–IX).

The research paper will address the following aspects, organized in this order:

*          Title Page: APA-style

*          Abstract: APA-style

  1. Introduction: Introduce and describe the topic. Discuss the DSM classification for the disorder, including a discussion of the specific criteria as described in the DSM (1/2 page).
  2. Historical: The disorder in its historical context (1 page).[unique_solution]
  • Cause of the Illness: Current research as to the cause of the illness (1 page).
  1. Treatment: Various treatment approaches for this disorder, including the benefits of the treatment (1 page).
  2. Prevention: Research as to the prevention of the illness (1 page).
  3. Cross Cultural: Cross-cultural issues pertaining to the topic (1 page).
  • Biblical Worldview: Discuss the topic from a Christian worldview perspective, including disorder’s cause, treatment, and prevention. Utilize the Bible and a book or journal source written from a biblical/theological perspective on the topic (1 page).
  • Conclusion: Include a closing summary of the research, including ideas for future research on the topic (1/2 page).
  1. References: APA-style. See also References Grading Rubric and instructions. 

*          Organize paper according to directions. Include current APA-style Level 1 sub-titles.

*          Use the references you found for your References Assignment.

*          The use of 3rd person point of view is expected for this type of scholarly research assignment.

*          Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation is expected in writing at this level.

*          Include not more than ½ page of directly quoted material. Directly quoted material in excess of ½ page would not count towards length/content requirements of the paper.

*          Current APA formatting is required.

*          Course Textbook is not permitted as a source for the References assignment or Research Paper

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6.

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