Scholarship Essay

“If it doesn’t work out at one place then, you have to learn how to make it work at another place.” I kept repeating this statement that I generated every time I felt like I was getting at the “what’s the point anyway phase.” Am a US army veteran, I proudly served my country for 7 years in the army before I got injured and became 100% disabled. After this occurrence I got discharged from the army which though was honorable it left me feeling like it’s a start of a hopeless journey in my life. I had to convince myself every day that I had to make sense of it all for me to move the next step. I had to identify an element in life that was ready again to push it all, I needed motivation for facing life again with the same energy I had before.

Am 32 years old married with a child now 6 months old. Being there with my family and watching them stick with me through the hard times and us sharing the challenges all together it gave me a deeper relationship with them. And I realized that, that was all the motivation I needed to push it all again, do it all over again different. My family looking up to I to be the father and the husband am supposed to be, taking up responsibilities and like any other many in the society helped me in realizing nothing had changed. My child needs has to be taken care of with no excuses and so I had to learn to make it work at another place. That is why I started to make new goals this time a different path.

I have an associate in arts that I got from Barstow community college before I transferred 4months ago to Azusa pacific university to take my bachelor degree in computer information system. So my this time goal is to continue with my studies, get suitable education that can get me a nice job which will earn me enough to take care of my family. As a veteran I have been in hard and desperate circumstances where I had to keep calm and be patience as I worked for things to work out. So I have patience skills that teaches me to handle harsh life blows in the most mature way possible. Having worked in the army too where tasks are harsh and one has to work an extra way than the people in other professions it has taught me how to be hard working in everything am entrusted with and that’s why am confident while saying I will work hard enough with appropriate help to make my goals achievable and see myself in the other side of a tough life. Been in the army has given me a chance to earn communication skills and improve my social life so I can easily work around people without being so much of a bother.

I have a Grade point Average of 3.25 and this is evidence that am doing good in my studies. But I have been unemployed since February this year and it has been really hard for me to support myself with carrying on my studies. So, I applying for this scholarship will not only benefit me financially but it will also get me the motivation to academically level up myself. Am committed to my studies and am looking for opportunities to see my dreams come a reality.

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What Is a Scholarship Essay?

A scholarship essay is a document that students complete as part of the application process for a scholarship. There are two main types of scholarships: merit-based and need-based. A student with a good GPA and an extracurricular activity is more likely to receive a merit-based scholarship than someone who has never attended college. Need-based scholarships are designed to help low-income students with their educational costs, such as tuition or books.

            The most common type of scholarship is merit-based, and they often come from organizations, universities, and companies. A student must apply and answer one or more essay questions to be eligible for this type of scholarship. The answers must be well written and show that the applicant has researched the topic thoroughly to be successful with their application.

How are scholarship essays different from college essays?

Scholarship essays are more personal, and they are meant to be more introspective. College essays are more persuasive and argumentative.

            The difference between scholarship essays and college essays is that they are more personal, reflective, and usually less argumentative than their counterparts. They also tend to be shorter—usually around 500 words or less.

            Scholarship essays are usually shorter compared to the other types of essays. They are more personal and require a lot of creativity because they are not graded based on arguments or arguments.

            Scholarship essays are different from college essays in many ways. Scholarship essay writers do not need to worry about arguments or arguments, while college essay writers need to do both. Scholarship essay writers only need to focus on the personal side of their writing, while college essay writers have to worry about both sides.

Several distinctive features differentiate the two.

Purpose – A college essay should be about you and your experiences, rather than a scholarship essay. The objective is to convince the scholarship provider that you share their concerns and interests.

                   Length – #Scholarship essays are usually under 500 words. College essays can be more extended (up to 650 words).#

                    Prompt – College essays often ask you to provide more opinions than scholarship essays. Sometimes, colleges may allow you to choose your scholarship theme, and a scholarship organization may ask specific questions in your submission.

The Scholarship Essay Outline

The essay should have an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction should have a hook to capture the attention of the reader.


            The introduction paragraph should provoke interest by framing the topic and its importance in a broad sense while including a personal statement on why you care about it.           There should be enough background information so that readers have a complete understanding of what you’ll be arguing for or against in your essay. In the second part of your essay, you must create an airtight argument that provides evidence

  • A hook with a catchy headline
  • Thesis statement (What makes you believe that you deserve a scholarship?

               Body paragraphs: 

            The first body paragraph should include/comprise a thesis statement and supporting evidence to prove the position you want to argue for in your essay. The first body paragraph should introduce what your topic is and explain why you find it interesting. The first paragraph should be either an introduction to the topic or its background in a scholarship essay. In this paragraph, create a link between your interests and the subject of the essay. The first body paragraph should provide supporting details that answer the question posed in your title. You can also use this paragraph to present a problem or challenge that you have personally faced and have overcome or a significant event in your life.


            In the second body paragraph, provide further evidence that supports your argument or presents a counterargument. The second body paragraph should explain how your experience relates to the topic you chose. The second paragraph should elaborate on these connections by explaining how your experiences helped you understand why this subject is essential. The second body paragraph should tell a short story about an event in your life that you would like to share with the reader. [This may include} both successes and failures, but please don’t dwell on too many negative experiences. The story is meant to illustrate how you have faced challenges before and come out stronger on the other side for it. In this paragraph, mention what you learned from these challenges.

            The third paragraph should present a concluding statement reflecting on your position in light of opposing arguments presented in your essay. The third body paragraph should wrap up by answering any questions or concerns that[ may have been raised} in your essay. The third paragraph should present a specific example of how you plan to address this topic in your future career.

            When writing a scholarship essay, it is essential to create a structure that the reader will follow. There are many ways to structure your essay, but one of the most effective is three body paragraphs. It is important to note that each paragraph should have a central idea, and there should be at least five sentences in each paragraph. There should be three sentences that support the main idea and two sentences that develop it within those five sentences.


            Finally, the conclusion paragraph summarizes all the essay’s main points and emphasizes how it has led to a better life for you or those around you. A conclusion should summarize/wrap up the essay’s main points and show how these points relate to the question. It should also tell readers what they learned from reading the essay and their feelings about it.

The conclusion’s purpose is to summarize the main points of your essay and provide an overview of what you have learned. It is essential to give your reader a definite perspective on how they feel about your argument so that they will understand why you believe in it so strongly. “In conclusion, I am grateful for my family and friends.”

  • “I feel blessed to be able to share this experience with all of you.”
  • “I am so excited to see what life has in store for me.”
  • “We hope that this essay has given you a sense of {the person]”
  • “I am, who I have become over the past four years, and what I would bring to the university”

Scholarship Essay body paragraphing structure.

It is essential to comprehend/understand the basic structure of a Scholarship Essay. In addition, one should know how to organize the content to convey the intended message as effectively as possible. Some students might struggle with this part because it is not as straightforward as what they are used to from school essays.


            This section will be your guide to writing a scholarship essay for college.

There are three types of paragraphs in a scholarship essay: The introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should introduce who you are, what you plan to say, and why this topic is important to you. It should be written as a stand-alone paragraph that could also stand alone as an article. The body paragraphs should expand on the information in your introduction paragraph and should be grouped by what type of evidence they use: personal experience, statistics, research, and quotes from experts. Finally, the conclusion paragraph should summarize all of your points and emphasizes how it has led to a better life for you or those around you.


            Scholarship essays are used to determine the character, personality, and aspirations of the aspiring applicant. The essay should be personal and reflective. Here is a general outline for a scholarship essay:

How to Start

It’s common for people to forget that the first section of a scholarship essay is the introduction. However, putting a lot of time into your paragraph can significantly improve your chances of being selected.

            To get started with writing, you should allocate enough time to it and not think you can create a fantastic essay in a couple of hours. Before starting, make sure that you know the deadlines and all requirements for the paper – this will help prevent any surprises.

Get Familiar with the Prompt

Scholarship essays can seem tricky, which is why it’s best to read them over multiple times to understand more fully what they are asking you to do.To be eligible for our scholarship, you’ll need to submit an essay of 400-500 words related to the following questions:

  • Please tell us why you think you may be a good fit for this scholarship. What other opportunities have you explored?
  • What are your plans for your career?
  • What are academic goals are you pursuing?
  • What can/would you contribute to the chosen field of science?

Choose a Topic

At this point, it’s crucial/vital to ensure that your essay effectively persuades the company to sponsor your education. It needs to show them why they should give you their money. A good topic would help achieve this goal. A good scholarship essay should answer the following questions;

  • What have you achieved /accomplished so far?
  • What differentiates/distinguishes you from the rest of the applicants?
  • What are the most significant barriers/obstacles or challenges you have faced/ experienced in your lifetime? How do/did you overcome them, and what lessons have you derived/ learned?
  • What traits do you feel make you most successful?
  • Have you ever struggled for/with something? Did you succeed or fail?
  • What are your aspiration/dreams and goals/vision for the future?

            Here are some ideas/tips to help you with your essay. You can also look at this list of common scholarship essay prompts if you need more help:

  • Why do you deserve the Scholarship?
  • My vision/Dreams
  • Do you have objectives/Goals to Achieve in 10 Years
  • The opportunities I Have Opened
  • What is the thing you are most proud[of]? My most considerable success would be when
  • What is my greatest Inspiration
  • The most influential person in your views
  • What is your destiny at your hands

Write a Hook

A hook is a specific opening statement that helps readers to grasp better what the essay{ is about}. Its purpose is to both grab the reader’s attention and make them want to continue reading. The hook plays a vital role in creating a scholarship essay and deserves careful consideration. The committee will be reading through dozens of essays, so it’s essential to make yours stand out. That’s when a powerful/influential hook will come in handy.

We’ve written about three practical ways to get your first sentence exciting below:

                        Question: When did you realize you want to help the world with your work?

             Quote: “Success means reaching failure after failure without losing enthusiasm.” (Winston Churchill)

                   Statistic: “ADHD (8.4%), behavior problems (6.4%), anxiety (7.1%), and depression (3.2%) are the most common mental disorders diagnosed in children aged 2-17.”-This shows that children are susceptible to mental disorders. Environmental or genetic factors mostly likely cause mental disorders.

            Now, when you have a hook[attention grabber}, you can write/develop your introduction. Here are a few tips to[ remember] keep in mind:

  • Keep your introduction short and precise.
  • One of the most critical parts of your essay that students often forget is to follow their hook with a thesis statement. These allow you to show off your personal view on the topic and make it easier for the reader to understand & connect with what you are discussing.
  • Provide appropriate and relevant background info for the chosen subject topic but don’t begin your argument.
  • Provide the most important and relevant information.
  • Try to avert clichés.
  • Convince and persuade the reader/audience that your essay paper is worth reading.
  • Following these tips will help your introduction stand out and make the reader pay attention.

What Should the Body Contain?

The body paragraph is usually the longest part of the essay. The body paragraph should provide the scholarship bench/committee with the prospective answers[ they are looking for or expecting}. And because we are discussing the scholarship essay sample. When writing a scholarship essay, you ask yourself the following question; “why do you deserve/need the scholarship/support,”

 The following are some of the relevant ideas/tips writers should include/entail in the body of the essay paper:

  • You can Talk about some obstacles you have overcome in your life;
  • Highlight your achievements and positive traits;
  • Speak about your goals;
  • Mention how the scholarship can help toward those goals;
  • Talk about your motivation;
  • You can Share real-life examples that support your statements.

            The two main tips for writing the body of your essay are to avoid generalization and make sure that your statements resonate with the interests of the organization that provides the scholarship.

How to Conclude the Essay

The conclusion of your essay is one of the most critical aspects, and it will identify if the committee will remember it or if it will fade into a pile of other indistinguishable papers. To stand out, you need a firm conclusion

  1. Reflection– this form of conclusion effectively demonstrates personal growth and presents the writer’s weaknesses as stepping stones.

Example: “My objective for studying medicine was always to help people. I had to work hard, and it took up a lot of my time, but now I have made it this far. I don’t intend on giving up after all that work! And though I never define my obstacles as ‘failures,’ I define success by how many times I’ve been able to ride them and bounce back. If I’m given this scholarship, it’s because of this drive in my life. With it, I will push myself further in academics and serve the world in some way. That’s why I deserve it.”

  1. The Future Tense– If your essay primarily focuses on what’s happened to you in the past or present, then this type of conclusion is best. Tell the committee how your experiences have shaped who you are and how you plan to utilize the lessons learned moving forward.

Example: “I’ve gained a lot of valuable insights stepping outside of my little bubble, and if I could, I would want to focus on increasing the efficiency in the development of low-income housing in the future. “This kind of scholarship writing would be a great help for getting my construction management degree and tackling the problems which communities like mine are experiencing.

  1. The Cycle– It’s important to state your angle explicitly in both the beginning and ending sections of your writing- This helps the reader better understand your point, which will result in a more personalized connection with your words. For example, if you mentioned statistics about the number of children who need psychological treatment in the beginning and concluded with a similar point, it would make your conclusion even more impactful.

Example: “I believe that I deserve this scholarship because of the passion & dedication I have for helping children. There is significant evidence that early mental health intervention increases the chance that students will succeed in life. You will be giving me a chance to improve the quality of life for countless families in the future by awarding me this scholarship.

Scholarship Essay Formatting

It’s essential to format your paper the right way, and This is how it’s done: When you format your paper, it shows the examiner that you can follow instructions, so be sure to do so.

A standard scholarship essay usually has the following characteristics:

· Font: Times New Roman

· Double spacing

· font-size: of 12-point

· 1″ margins (top, bottom, and side)

· An indent before each essay paragraph

· Your Name & Page Numbers

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