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WRITING 1000-Word essay is not hard. Students Can Write One in a Day

Writing 1000 word essay is quite easy. It all takes to develop a solid topic and some planning. Prepare three relevant sources, organize them into 5 paragraph format, and then you are good to go! However, crafting an excellent and meaningful 1000 word essay may be more than. Formatting requirements and punctuation-loving tutors may toughen things up.

At study Excel, we will enlighten you on how to write a good 1000 word essay. After addressing a few engaging steps to follow when writing 1000 essays, we will jump right into the relevant 1000 word essay structure. Make sure to stick around for the helpful tips at the end. As always, study Excel – a professional writing service designed to help students write good essays. Happy professional writing!

What if I can't come up with 1000 words?

The best thing is to enlighten you on how to write excellent 1000 -word essays from professional writers. Just commence writing your essay without thinking about any limit. Of course, it seems writing lengthy essays is much more time-consuming and complicated. Nevertheless, this practice will let you understand and fill any gaps in writing and then fix them in the shorter version of your draft.

            Don’t worry if your essay ends up with more than 2000 + words or more. Read your essay severally once you are done developing and writing your work. Highlight parts you believe are worth attending to. After highlighting important parts, exclude all unnecessary parts that you think are irrelevant to your text. The next step should be combining, polishing up, and reconnecting them. Develop transition between the paragraphs and ensure everything flows smoothly.


Normally when tutors assign students 1000 essays, they will probably list several types of essays from which you may choose. Choice of topic will depend on the type of assigned essays to learners. The list below here shows the most common ones:

            Persuasive Essay:  Persuasive essay persuades the reader using solid facts, logical reasoning, and reliable sources.

            Descriptive essay: Descriptive essay uses vivid and illustrative language style to describe person, object, scene, memory is the perfect example of the descriptive.

            Narrative essay: Mostly developed and written during college admission. Narrative essays are meant to tell a story rather than feed information.

            Expository Essay; Discusses the topic in detail, exposing every side of the rational argument, and giving deep critical analysis is what expository essays are famous for.

How long a 1000word essay is should be?

The number of pages in which thousands essay takes depends on the format which writer decides to take. Study Excel found a good format which 1000 essays should take

  • . Two pages assuming font type aerial, having font size of 12pt and single spaced
  • .Two pages with Calibri font type, with 10pt font size, and is double spaced
  • .Four pages with times new roman, with font size 12 and having double spacing.

How to structure a 1000 word essay

We advise our clients to avoid the most common mistake of ignoring the structure of an essay. Another mistake is writing a lot of words about unnecessary parts. Our professionals recommend students use the following structure for a 1000-word essay to shun making mistakes.

Introduction {100 -200 words}; develop captivating introductions to capture readers’ attention while explaining what the essay will be about. Remember introduction varies based on the type of essay. For example, in a narrative essay, the story doesn’t commence until after the introduction part. Read our essay introduction for more information and deeper insight.

In summary, always introduction comprises of the following

  • Hook or attention grabber
  • Background information and
  • Thesis statement


            Body {800 words}

            We advise three body paragraphs for the 1000 word paragraph: Ensuring each paragraph focuses on a specific point of discussion. The three body paragraphs should work together to provide proof and reasoning to support the thesis statement.

            Paragraph 1{200-300 words}; First paragraph should entail the following

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Argument
  3. Evidence
  4. Concluding statement

            Paragraph 2[200-300 words]

            The second paragraph should have a similar format to the first paragraph but addressing a different idea.

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Argument
  3. Evidence
  4. Concluding sentence

            Paragraph 3{200-300 words)

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Argument
  3. Evidence
  4. Concluding statement

            Conclusion {with 100 to 2000words}

            The conclusion of your essay should summarize all the main arguments and connect them. The conclusion should support the thesis statement of your paper. In your conclusion, the writer must explain how all his /her arguments relate together to prove his/her point.

            Parts of conclusion;

  • Summary of the main point
  • Reaffirming the thesis
  • Concluding statement

How to format a 1000 word essay

To obtain excellent grades in essay writing, learners should adhere to the correct paper format. In most cases, Professors will specify to their students which font, margins, alignment, and citation style to use. Normally the title page has a different format depending on the essay.      Remember, citation style is another significant part. The two common citation styles are APA and MLA, Chicago and Harvard being used less often.





            A 1000 word essay is the length of an average article in most academic journals. A 1000-word essay is normally used to write about many topics, but they are most often written for undergraduate college students.

            Consider the following steps when writing an essay:

            – Write a title or topic

            – Define your thesis statement

            – Put in the introduction

            – State your claim in your introduction

            – Build on your claim

            – Build on your claim again

            After you have built up, there are three or four main points that need to be summarized.


                The introduction of a 1000 word essay is a daunting task. It might be difficult for an individual who is just starting out to know where to start when planning for such a big project.

This article will provide some tips and tricks for you to follow when writing your essay.

  • Tip 1: Write in the present tense
  • Tip 2: Use your first paragraph as your thesis statement
  • Tip 3: Keep your thesis insight throughout the whole paper


            1000 word essay is a type of writing that requires very few words to get your point across. It can be an easy way for students to get extra credit in their school or college.

In this introduction, I am going to talk about how you can write a 1000 word essay. Many students struggle with writing 1000- word essays, which often takes them a lot longer than they expect. The inspiration for this introduction comes from being at my old high school and hearing classmates talking about how limited they felt when writing essays.


            There is nothing quite like writing a 1000 word essay. To most, it’s a tedious task that most likely takes hours to complete, but with the help of these tips, you can write your essay in no time.

            The key is to create your outline before you start writing. This will give you an idea of what kind of content you’ll be covering in each paragraph so that you can write with purpose and time efficiency.


            The question is not easy to answer. But if you are looking for a quick solution, start with the introduction.The introduction of your essay is important to hook your audience into reading. It should include the following:

  • Introduction of the topic and why it is important
  • Your take on the topic
  • Thesis statement that you are going to present throughout your essay
  • What are some key points that you want all your readers to remember
  • A few keywords that will help with searching for your essay

            Organizing and editing an essay is the essential part of writing an essay. Writing is narrowly half of the whole work. Our writing service would like to share some pro tips to save time writing and make your essay genuinely outstanding.

  1. Write an Outline first: Without an outline, you cannot see the logical structure of your essay and the progression of your arguments. 1000-word essay assignments take up a lot of time and energy. But, by using an outline to break down your thoughts, you can finish your work in a shorter amount of time. These outlines aren’t meant for your professor, but rather they’re meant to keep you focused when writing.
  2. Write an Introduction last: Writing a good introduction requires some thought and the ability to put the reader on a certain path. Often, individuals will write an introductory sentence first and then flesh out the rest of their essay. Writing an introductory sentence first is a general rule, but it may not always be effective depending on what your essay is about or how you present it. Don’t worry so much about your paper once you start writing. You can come back to it after you’ve outlined all your main points and established the tone of your argument.
  3. Proofread Twice before submitting; If your essay is about 1000 words in class, make sure it is perfect: This includes checking grammar and logic errors and will only take a minute to fix. You can’t rewrite the whole paper in class if it’s an in-class assignment (but you can always email the teacher in advance and ask if you can come back later with a finished product), but you should. You can save time & effort by providing your work ahead of time, and proofreading is important for papers with citations included. Just in case your essay is not an in-class assignment, there are many more opportunities to make it good by proofreading.
  4. Use Apps for Proofreading: Proofreading is important at all levels, not just for homework. Apps like Grammarly can help you minimize mistakes that are not easy to recognize, even if you are the one writing the essay. Additionally, you can use sites like and Thesaurus if you want to upgrade your vocabulary.
  5. Ask a Friend or Study excel for Help: Never be shy to ask for a helping hand or assistance from our professional writing service.


            There are many ways to write an essay. The most common way is by writing about one idea and accumulating thoughts on it. This is known as the “structure” method.The structure method is mostly used by students in high school or college when writing their first draft of an essay. It can also be applied to personal essays, business plans, and other activities where the writer works with a limited word count.

            Many people find this method tedious and not very effective because it doesn’t allow the writer to explore different structures for exploring different ideas or arguments.A more effective strategy for writing essays would be to use the “outline” method, where you plan out your entire essay before you start writing it out in full sentences. This way, you can explore different ideas.


            Everyone has times in their lives when they need to write an essay. Whether for school or college, these tasks can be difficult without the right tools and support. To make matters worse, in today’s world, where everyone is busy with their social media accounts, writing essays can seem like an exhausting task.So to help you write your essay faster, here are some tips that will help you get started with your 1000 word essay quicker!It’s possible to write a 1000-word essay in just four hours.

            It usually takes much more time to think about and write an essay than it does to sort through all the ideas that you’ve collected in your head. Writing your thoughts down, whether on paper or in a document, will help you organize your thoughts so that when it comes time to write the essay, you’ll be able to get started quickly.


            Writing a 1000 word essay takes as much as it takes to write a 2000 word essay. More often than not, people get stuck when they are stuck at the 500 wordmarks. This is why it is important to have some quality content on your topic that you can use to generate ideas for your essay.

This article provides six ideas that you can use to expand on your topic and get more words in the process.


            Writing an essay for a high school, college, or university assignment is an important skill that every student should perform. This writing task can be stressful and time-consuming, but with the help of these tips below, you will be able to write a solid essay in no time.

            The first step would be picking a subject that you are interested in and know something about already. Picking a topic you are interested in makes it easier for you to develop ideas and improve your writing skills.

            Once you pick your subject, find relevant sources on the topic and read them to see what they have to say. Make sure that you read through multiple sources to pick one or two as your sole source of information.If you cannot find any relevant sources on the topic, then.

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