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Blog Articles about the Covid-19

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Blog Articles about the Covid-19

The Covid-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, is the most trending issue across the globe. The disease that broke out in the city of Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Scientists define that Covid-19 belongs to the family of coronaviruses that are mainly found in animals (Zhao et al., 2020). The particular virus made the jump to humans and has spread internationally. In January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the Covid-19 as a global health emergency. The WHO was alerting the world to stand in the gap in fighting the disease whose widespread was threatening human life. As the situation worsened, the WHO declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, 2020. As the disease is rapidly spreading across many countries in the world, the number of new cases and deaths are on the rise. Without a doubt, Covid-19 is the very first disease to be declared a pandemic (MacIntyre, 2020). The announcement confirms the severity of the new virus over the other coronaviruses and other illnesses that ever struck the earth in the past. States across the globe are enhancing the measures to fight this pandemic coronavirus threatening human life. Various researchers and authors have explored the impacts of the Covid-19 on human health and the economy. However, I will explore the influence of the pandemic on social wellbeing.

The announcement of the Covid-19 a pandemic had a significant influence on the human social wellbeing. However, many scientists are mainly focused on the health and economic sectors as the majorly attacked by the pandemic. Covid-19 is a threat to the human race (MacIntyre, 2020). Besides raising health concerns, the novel coronavirus has attacked the social wellbeing of humans. The spread and severity of the pandemic disease leave many people to live in fears. The fear makes many people speak out their minds and hearts concerning the outbreak. The pandemic also attacks the religious faith of many people. Some religious people mention the pandemic as a plague that warns of God’s wrath against humanity. Many are leaving in fear that God would have planned to use the pandemic disease to sweep the evil world. The only way to evade God’s wrath is through repentance of sins. The whole world is turning back to God, seeking His mercies and forgiveness. Various states announced national prayer days as one of their measures to fight the Covid-19 (Gates, 2020). President Donald Trump announced the Sunday of March 15 as national prayer day to allow the Americans to pray against the coronavirus. Indeed, the fight against the Covid-19 is strengthening the reliance of humans on God’s supernatural powers.

The fight against the Covid-19 is a social responsibility. Different organizations, state departments, and individuals are fighting in collaboration to address the pandemic (Gates, 2020). The World Health Organization is connecting countries in the fight against the coronavirus. States across the globe are working in collaboration to fight the disease. It is of significance that the coronavirus is attacking almost all countries in the world. The condition is spreading to all regions of the globe (Zhao et al., 2020). I firmly maintain that the Covid-19 is not a disease for a particular country. Instead, it is a global disease whose effects are felt across the four corners of the world. Such a sizeable outspread poster the need for international unity. The pandemic coronavirus is uniting the many countries in the world. The second social significance of the pandemic is that the disease attacks all people regardless of their social, economic, or racial differences. Both the rich and the poor, the whites and the blacks will suffer the impacts of the pandemic. The Covid-19 does not discriminate against whom to attack but promotes the sense of equality. As people are working together to fight the disease, I believe the spirit of unity and equality will strengthen. Indeed, the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic has awakened the sense of humanity and unity globally.

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