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Response to Madison

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Response to Madison

Hello Madison, I support you in explaining the value that Rooster, Mattie, and LaBoeuf had in their endeavor to accomplish their mission. Rooster was the one who mostly prepared supper and breakfast to sustain them in the journey, LaBoeuf encouraged Rooster not to live Mattie behind since he had realized her value to the team while Mattie interrogated between Rooster and LaBoeuf when they began disagreeing and helped calm the situation.

Response to Karsten

Hello Karsten, I agree with you on your discussion on how Rooster and LaBoeuf proved they cared for Mattie in the entire journey. When they reached the dugout, Rooster called LaBoeuf and Mattie to accompany him, but LaBoeuf sensing danger, he told Mattie to remain behind. Whenever there was an exchange of gunshots, Rooster and LaBoeuf protected Mattie. Allowing Mattie to accompany them in the whole journey and agreeing with her reasoning, was proof that Rooster and LaBoeuf valued Mattie.

Response to Robert

Hello Robert, I concur with you in discussing how Mattie valuable to the team and how LaBoeuf and Rooster proved their competitiveness. During the exchange of guns with the bandits, LaBoeuf got injured on his arm, and when he took off his neckcloth for use as a bandage, he did not make it, but Mattie helped to cover the bleeding. LaBoeuf and Rooster courageously confronted the two men from the dugout and ordered them to lie down on their bellies, showing how competitive they were.

Response to Andrew

Hello Andrew, thank you for the elaborative discussion on how Rooster and LaBoeuf were competitive in their mission. Self-belief is a way of showing competitiveness. The fact that Rooster and LaBoeuf believed in themselves in accomplishing their mission proves their competitiveness. When Rooster and LaBoeuf realized that there was blood in Mattie’s face, they immediately turned to her to find out what had happened, and this was a show of competitiveness as they were concerned about the welfare of one of their own.

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