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several genes lead to the colour of the skin

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several genes lead to the colour of the skin

Traits such as eye colour are more complicated than the Widow’s peak since eye colour is one of the indicators of polygenic characteristics. Polygenic characteristics are traits that are dominated more than one, instead are by several genes. The genes that regulate them can be similar to one another or in different chromosomes. Because a vast number of genes are concerned, Mendel’s inheritance system is not obeyed in the polygenic characteristics.

Instead of a specific gene, several genes lead to the colour of the skin. Nevertheless, minor variations in one gene, known as OCA2, are assumed to account for about 74% of the overall variability in human colour of the blue/brown eye. OCA2 contains a protein that provides some colour to the skin and hair and the lips.

Some of the ambiguity is that the colour of the ey is a spectrum, not just a characteristic of several distinct forms. Most blue eyes are not entirely blue, but they have a brown pupil ring which can create a kid with brown eyes. There have also been slight variations in the green eyes and hazel in another portion of the OCA2 gene.

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