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The origin and the behavior of the shark family

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The origin and the behavior of the shark family

By the end of this speech, I am confident that my audience will have a clear understanding of the origin and the behavior of the shark family, and also the three myths that surround their act of attacking their prey. Sharks are, without a doubt, many people’s worst dreadful animals. But what they do not know is they have secured the oceans and seas and have been wrongly observed as being dangerous animals to humans. Therefore I stand here to speak about sharks and probably convince you otherwise.

Sharks are understood to have anatomical characteristics, migration patterns, and intelligence, and that makes them highly regarded creatures. Therefore my first point is that sharks are intelligent creatures whose brain-to-body mass ratios are similar to mammals. The second point is that sharks migrate in groups with a speed of 5mph while also averaging a maximum speed of up to 12mph. And the third point is that they can smell a single drop of blood from hundreds of meters away.

The myths of shark’s attacks often exaggerated the nature and the frequency of attacks. Research from Brian Handwerk shows that, on average, only 16 sharks attack annually, and only two of them are dangerous (Handwerk). Less than 20 people yearly are victims of sharks. But instead, they suffer significantly in the hands of a human. Sharks family reduces by 20 to 100 million due to fishing activities every year. It is only three classes of sharks out of the possible 480 species that are liable for the unprovoked attack of human beings (Handwerk). My conclusion, therefore, is that if we stop looking at sharks as real predators, we could enjoy the rich, fascinating stories that surround them.

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