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the trans*politics and trans-genders

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the trans*politics and trans-genders

Before the content this week, I knew little about the trans*politics and trans-genders to be specific. I knew trans-genders are people who have exclusive sexual characteristics that are different from rational human beings. I viewed them as abnormal people. My initial point of view developed after witnessing a couple of media portrayal of trans-genders. I assumed that they were created differently from an ordinary person who contributed to my initial opinion of them. I have been learning more about these people, and have even interacted with a couple of them, and this has helped me change my view towards trans-genders. I am no longer judgmental towards any of them.

Main ideas in for this week are social constructs of gender, transphobia, trans-genders and the violence they undergo, misogyny, and transwomen. Transwomen face media ridicule and are marginalized by various gender organizations (Serano, 2007). Transgendered community demand to be given rights of choosing how they define themselves since various people define them differently (Feinberg). Society has specific representations of different gender and what they should do (lecture notes). Transgendered people are discriminated against, and people dislike them due to certain prejudices, which is transphobia (Serano, 2007).

I was familiar with the injustice that trans people face on their daily lives like being discriminated, harassed, and even violated. Most of them suffer from depression, and some end up committing suicide (lecture notes). I was surprised by the results of the research carried out on the impact of discrimination on trans-people’s health, particularly the fact that ninety-eight per cent of these people experience transphobia incidents. That’s a considerably significant number. I know society still has negative attitudes towards trans people, and some of these people have low self-esteem. Some transgendered women face discrimination because of their race. This is intersectional because they are discriminated because of their sexuality and race.



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