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Human Resource personnel

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Human Resource personnel


Non-HR Perspective:  Your department is not meeting performance expectations. What steps do you take to resolve the issue?   Is training a possible solution; if so, which of the above training methods would be the most effective in addressing the problem? Would you, at any point, involve HR–if so, at what point and why?

One of the essential things in any company is the departments meeting their targets. Such is because the goals set for the departments are part of the overall objectives of the company. When the departments fail to meet their objectives, it means that the entire organization will not be able to meet its target after a certain period. To solve the issue, one should take the following steps;

  • Identify the root cause of the problem
  • Devise a plan to solve the problem
  • Support every member of the department in implementing the plan.

In the problem of underperformance within a department, training is one of the ways that the department can be able to solve the problem. The training method that would be suitable in this case is the role-playing method. Such is because the technique aims at training the employees on how to develop critical interpersonal business skills among the employees. In this case, the ability to solve complex issues that may be affecting the department will be enhanced hence making it easy for the department to improve its performance. Once the needs analyses are conducted within the department, the employees should be trained on how to effectively play their role in ensuring that they contribute effectively to the performance of the department.

At some point, it is necessary to involve the Human Resource personnel. While identifying the problem affecting the department, the problem might be so vast that it cannot be solved within the department hence involving the human resource personnel would be ideal.


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