Narrative Essay


At the point when I was in the 5th grade, I returned home from a typical day at school and was positively anticipating the equivalent for my night at home. As I strolled through the entryway, I promptly saw that something was unique. My mom was euphoric and remained in the family room, gripping a bit of mail. She revealed to me that I had gotten a grant to go to Catholic school the accompanying fall.



This was not uplifting news for me; I generally thought Catholic younger students resembled robots without characters. I had no enthusiasm for evolving schools, making new companions, or driving. The government-funded school that I had gone to since kindergarten was legitimately over the road from where we lived, and I had become OK with this course of action throughout the years.


Similarly, as I suspected, it couldn’t deteriorate my mom educated me that she would get me after school so we could go out on the town to shop for the school uniform. Wearing a suit was strange to me; I was making the most of my night errand of choosing my school garments. I had no clue what I was being constrained into; a school that mentioned to their understudies what to wear must not get a handle on the idea of the singularity.



There was no possibility of discouraging my mom’s extraordinary state of mind. The following day was an embarrassing encounter. The school uniform comprised of a yellow shirt, a green vest, a green sweater, and an utterly frightful green plaid skirt. My mom attempted to reveal to me that I resembled a delightful youngster, yet the mirror before me recounted to an alternate story. I seemed as though a tan leprechaun, and I was unable to get a handle on why the school would compel its understudies to dress along these lines. Was it conceivable to have a somewhat trendy uniform?



Before I knew it, I was remaining before my new school, Holy Spirit Catholic School, and I was being guided into the school exercise center to begin the first day of the school year. Even though every other person was in the equivalent strange uniform, I wanted to feel strange. It deteriorated when we began with the Morning Prayer; both of my folks are Hindu, and I had no clue what everybody was stating as one. I needed more than anything to come up short on the gym and return to my state-funded school where saying petitions weren’t permitted.



When I entered the study hall, I was shocked by how neighborly everybody was. Different understudies were all conversing with me without a moment’s delay and posing a great many inquiries. On the off chance that there would have been another understudy at my old government-funded school, it presumably would have taken a couple of days to see they existed because the school was so huge. This was not the situation at Holy Spirit, there was just one class of each evaluation, and I was the primary new understudy in my seventh-grade class.



Even though my state-funded school companions had cautioned me to be wary of the pompous Catholic younger students, I was making some hard memories finding the highbrow snots. Everybody was attempting to assist me with getting comfortable with the modest school and cautioning me about which nuns and clerics to be behaving as well as possible. One young lady even recorded the Our Father and Hail Mary with the goal that I could remember it and be set up for Morning Prayer the following day.



At last, I, despite everything, thought I glanced strangely in the uniform; however, I grasped my new school and new companions as they made a special effort to ensure I was agreeable at Holy Spirit. They had heard a few anecdotes about government-funded younger students and were happy to see that I didn’t fit the generalization. My new companions had no clue that I was subtly mitigated to find that they didn’t fit the generalization either. There was no robot to be seen.

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A narrative essay is one of the most common assignments in many learning institution. Starting from low levels of education to advanced learning institutions learners experience writing narrative essay task. Knowing how to write excellent narrative essay is vital.

            A narrative essay mainly aims at advancing narrative style in order to develop compelling story. Our professional writers know developing impressive narrative essay may sound like a big deal to vast majority of students however crafting excellent narrative essay is not a big deal. Even if writing good narrative essay might seem easy at first sight, developing an engaging story can be rather challenging. To help students to overcome these challenges, our esteemed writers compiled a comprehensive guide on how to craft and develop a narrative essay step by step.

What is narrative essay?

A narrative essay is academic writings aiming to advance learners ability to develop and tell compelling story.  Narrative author should aim to create the right atmosphere and a lifelike experience for the audience. As rule of writing narrative essay, author should write narrative essay in first person perspective. As author of narrative paper, you have to put audience at the epicenter of the essay plot and keep audience at engaging state. Narrative essay requires writers to use plenty of vivid details descriptive techniques etc to keep audience engaged.

            The most common challenge among students writing a narrative essay is always narrative essay has limited length. Writing narrative essay  task  should involve analyzing complex story and narrowing down to  incorporating the key points to fit into a short essay, while providing enough details to audience engaged.


A narrative writing task, aim at developing outstanding skills at sharing stories. When writing narrative essay author aim at articulating and telling the audience about real life experience while aiming at clarifying the point of why sharing that particular story is important and why the story matters.

            A narrative essay is quite different from other genres of essay because a narrative essay guides readers through a story. When writing narrative paper, authors neither make argument, they don’t persuade the readers, nor do they criticize. Authors in narrative essay they just tell their story, letting the readers derive their own conclusion: These is the most distinctive feature of a narrative paper.


There are two common narrative essay types that is

            . Descriptive essay

            .Autobiographical essay

            Descriptive Narrative Paper:  this is most creative form of narrative essay task. The main purpose of narrative essay is describing an experience, situation, or memory using vivid description style. “Show, don’t tell” is normally main credo of writing a descriptive narrative article. Descriptive authors aim at evoking readers different senses and draw a clear picture of happening, event or situation.

            A well written descriptive narrative paper is normally straightforward and clear. Descriptive narrative paper takes narrowing a complicated story down to easily understandable story to readers. Narrowing down complicated story to simpler one allows the reader to infer the rest of the story. Experienced and great authors usually avoid over exaggeration by sticking on their purpose of narrating their story.

            Autobiographical: This form of narrative task require writer to share his/her true personal story that took place throughout his/her life. Autobiographical writing should focus on one particular event. Unlike a descriptive paper, an autobiographical focuses mainly on story itself and purpose of the story but not details.

Narrative Essay Characteristics

  • Non-fiction; normally about actual happening of events
  • Written from the writers viewpoint {first person}
  • Comprises elements of a story, but crafted accordance with a basic structure
  • Provides informational story in chronological order
  • Uses a lot of details to illustrate person, an event or scene
  • Strives to inform audience of something, narrative essay does not argue nor does narrative essay teach.

10 Good Narrative Essay Topics and How to Pick One

When it comes to identifying and choosing good narrative essay topics, there are a few things to bear in mind.  The first thing should be careful examination of provided instructions. Normally teachers specify exactly what they expect from learners by providing instructions.


            Some of the basic characters tutors look for in narrative paper

  • A conflict/challenge: A striking incident that creates an inciting tone and sets the story in action.
  • A Protagonist: A relative character that experiences a conflict or challenge against overwhelming challenges.
  • Change or growth: Overcoming the challenge or conflict sparks change in the protagonist. Realizations normally spark the change. Sometimes this realization may be also after effect of character development throughout the whole story.

            To develop most striking narrative essay topic, you need to take some time to think. We advice to try using the following tricks, to get on the right track:

  • Think of your past experiences, happenings and memories. Try to find exciting experiences and memories.
  • Think about what bothers you and stories you are interested [and you want} to share them with other people.
  • Take a short objective walk to refresh and generate striking ideas.
  • Use the internet to your benefit: magazines, online blogs, social media and other resources can be amazingly helpful in discovering stories peers share, what they are interested in and what they normally discuss. Using internet also helps finding new ideas.
  • Try free writing: This is a handy technique that helps getting flow of the story. To implement rewriting you need to get a pen and paper and start writing your thoughts down.

             The following writing tips are extremely helpful in generating great ideas identifying the most compelling. The final tip is to identify and choosing something that is both interesting and appealing enough to engage the audience

Here are some narrative essay ideas to help you brainstorm

  • How to overcome fear
  • How to face challenge
  • A new discovery or experience
  • An exciting moment
  • Learning a challenging and tough lesson
  • Most thrilling moment for adrenaline’
  • Most striking relationship experience
  • A experience that changed your life

            These are typical examples that student tend to experience and explore while writing narrative essay. Consider making a story based on personal life experience. Remember vivid memories are normally the ones that makes great story to tell.

Narrative Format and Structure

The narrative essay format and structure is standard .Like other assignments, narrative essay paper normally follows a 5paragraph essay outline; Introductory paragraph, followed by three body paragraphs and then last narrative conclusion paragraph.


  • Introduction paragraph: Makes an insight into the whole story while stating the purpose of the story. Introduction should be engaging to captivate the readers’ attention.
  • Main paragraph 1: The action arises
  • Main body paragraph 2-Climax of the story
  • Main body paragraph 3– Falling action
  • Conclusion; Lessons learned from the story


When writing narrative essay narrative essay we recommend that you follow this specific sequence of actions:

  • Brainstorm your ideas
  • Identify and develop right thing
  • Define purpose of writing narrative writing
  • Plan for your plot of your narrative essay- Excellent narrative essay should comprise riding action, climax, and falling action, finally drawing logical conclusion from narrative essay.
  • Create an outline


The opening clause of your narrative should accomplish the goals:

  1. Engage audience in the story with help of hook sentence. Creating potent hook requires writer to use question, fact, famous quote or an intriguing statement that compels reader to read further.


            “I’m not pretty sure whether it is a real memory or just some false belief that grew physically powerful and more convincing in me over long period of time, but I remember very well my brother trying to kill me….”

  1. Create enabling environment and scene to give readers an glimpse of idea of what is happening. However, don’t give expose the entire story yet, just give a glimpse into your story.


            “It was another cold winter day when we were making our way back from school. The next thing I remember is staging fight with my friend until a loud bang and a pounding ache in my head and left hand..”

  1. Define the purpose of your writing: final step in writing narrative introduction is providing strong insight into your story all will about. Give readers a glimpse of what is to come, however don’t state the lessons learned from the situation yet, and keep them engaged.

Narrative Essay a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of narrative essay is normally very important component. It should be placed in the introductory paragraph of your narrative paper and author can restate in the conclusion section to empower the impact of the essay.

            A thesis statement defines main argument of the author in narrative essay. Thesis statement has the main goal of introducing the problem or conflict you are going to look at in your narrative paper and spark up audience/readers interest.


            A good thesis statement should give a sneak into a challenge or conflict and briefly explain some hints for the outcome: that’s why thesis statement for the narrative writing should not be a fact, general truth, suggestion, recommendation or a question.

Main Body

The main body of is the most important part of narrative essay. The main body section is where authors tell their story, share facts and details while guiding the readers through the plot. The body paragraph part normally consist 3 or more paragraphs. The narrative essay length depends on the overall word count of your narrative article.

            Include Vivid and relevant detail: AN outstanding narrative essay entails creating scene and coherent mood to follow. The best writers know spending good time to develop and include meticulous detailed writing is worthwhile. However remember you should not spam your body sentences with literary symbols. Ensure each sentence serves purpose of expounding on your thesis statement.

            Incorporate dialogue:  Drawing the audience into dialogues is an effective and efficient way to refresh readers /audience’s attention. Entailing dialogue in narrative essay writing is a great way to share and support story telling environment. Developing dialogue is effective constructive technique.

            Use chronological writing approach: Keeping chronological and sequential flow of events is the best way to keep narrative paper will thought and organized.

            Avoid narration deviation: When writing personal experience for sure, the first person voice works the best while on other hand writing about story you heard from a friend, writing in the third person more appropriate.


In the conclusion of a narrative paper, authors are expected to give some final comments in their story.  In conclusion author can restate some of the important details and ideas mentioned in the main body. Authors should also stress the lessons learned from particular situation and then leave audience with something to think about.

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